The Joys Of Walking In The Spirit And The Responsibilities That Come With The Gift Of The Third Eye

All day yesterday while out and about I seemed to be very sensitive within my spirit. The more I isolate myself from the distractions and buffoonery of this world is the more I enjoy an enhanced and heightened spiritual sensitivity that gives me a tremendous insight far above that of those who are caught up in the world.

This state of being can make a normal trip to the supermarket more entertaining than a much anticipated release of a top rated movie or a live concert performance by your favorite star.

This state of heightened spiritual vision can allow me to see beyond what others are blinded to viewing and all of the little things that most people overlook I can seem to absorb and notice in such an obvious amplified manner. You will sometimes see things that are comical and you will oftentimes absorb many tragic revelations that can literally break your heart.

How about the little boy who was in the personal hygiene section of the local Walmart who tried his best to get the attention of his deeply distracted mother who didn’t pay him any mind as her attentions were caught up completely into deciding what gaudy hair color she was going to purchase for her already chemically damaged hair not noticing that all he was asking for was a hug from his mama.

At first look the little boy appeared to be just like any other child determined to get his mother to purchase another fragile costly toy that was just not on the budget, but right under our noses and in a very public place there was an undetected form of emotional abuse transpiring of the very worst kind.

How about the emaciated hungry woman who stands out on a dark lonely bus stop late at night in a very dangerous side of town, who throughout my evening night of fulfilling my duties as a bus driver always waved me away to let me know that she wasn’t interested in ever taking the bus because she was merely using the bus stop shelter as a cover and reason to stand out on the street in order to solicit customers for prostitution to feed the crack habit that dominates her entire existence.

Upon first glance there would be nothing wrong with a woman standing at a bus stop but there was truly more to it as you can see.

What about that fragile elderly man who has become disoriented from the ever increasing demands of fighting Alzheimer’s disease and an out of control sugar level because he merely forgot to take his daily dose of insulin, the neighborhood kids tease him like a neighborhood drunk not knowing that the man has major health problems. Thank my Third Eye was sharp enough to pick up on what others didn’t and stayed with the man until the ambulance came that I called for him.

At first sight most thought he was another out of control wino because of the words that he spoke that appeared to be nonsense to the cruel crowd that gathered around him to have a joke at his expense, how far was he from a fatal seizure or a dangerous situation out there in the streets because of his deteriorating physical condition?

You see, most of us a human beings are working at a sub-par level compared to the vast potential of what our Creator has placed in us to manifest greatness. We stand in awe at those who appear to achieve levels of excellence over and above the norm yet we don’t seem to comprehend that because we are made by a Mighty God, these incredible levels of accomplishment should really be considered the norm!

Most are so caught up in normalcy and mediocrity that they cannot see how much life that they are missing out on because of the clogging of their intuitive filters. And just like those little scenarios that I mentioned of what I have observed during the course of my day, many of us pass by the opportunity to help someone or step in to their lives at a crucial time of need merely because we are caught up and distracted in something that is a trivial indulgence or a mild mental imbalance.

The indulgences of this world actually dull the spiritual senses.

Stupidity breeds nothing more than MORE stupidity.

Stupid is as stupid does.

And while many might take offense to my use of the word stupid I say to them that the word is in the dictionary for a reason and that we all have committed acts that have fallen under the umbrella of stupidity as well as made choices that were just downright stupid! I know I have but the difference between Lance Scurv and many others is that I am not afraid to admit my past mistakes, foolish reasoning and shortcomings. It is because of the mistakes that I have owned up to and not thrown away safely in the subconscious mind in an act of sheer denial is why I can move on and grow to hone my spiritual senses to what they have grown to today.

Attaining that Third Eye is not something exclusive to a high ranking church official, it isn’t achieved merely by saying you have it or pretending that you do, you must pray and fast for long periods of time to separate yourself not only from the world but your own carnal desires to break free into that blissful state of being.

Once you get there you really won’t want to return to that lower state of being because you will see how animalistic it really is. Many will feel that you think you are better than them and accuse you of being uppity, but the fact of the matter is that the things that amuse them you’ve moved on from and it no longer titillates you like it did before earlier in your life. As a matter of fact you will wonder to yourself what was it in the first place that made the various carnal activities have such a strong a hold on your life for that long time.

No matter what it was that blinded you, once the activity falls away from your life like the useless husk it was and you truly experience the beautiful light of day and the joyous flight of the spirit like a butterfly soaring high into the atmosphere after breaking free of that jail of a cocoon, you just never want to go back.

You never want to go back to drinking your senses away, it feels too good to master your surroundings with an awareness that gives you an advantage over all. You never want to go back to the mindless rage that burned in your heart from a lack of understanding of the circumstances that were wrapped around your life and smothered the righteous person that you have now witnessed yourself to be. You never want to go back to submitting to the grip that lust once had on your life, to have your very thoughts flooded against your will with a demonically driven desire is not as sweet as you thought it was when the sensations were first rendered

But if you are not careful you can fall back into darkness, you can fall back into a blurred vision that will haunt you because you once knew better and the darkness that covers your eyes will now be a hurtful shroud blocking your sight many times over because of your prior knowledge. It would have been better to never have possessed the Third Eye because the chastisement, torment and confusion will be more of a punishment because you knew of the bliss that came from walking in the spirit.

You see, it is a great responsibility to possess the gift of the Third Eye and you must fulfill your end of the connection to the divine God force in order to always be guaranteed to possessing those supernatural powers of discernment. It also doesn’t mean that with one slap of the pastor’s palm on the forehead in front of the congregation will give you an instant dose of what the next person took many years to earn through constant prayer and fasting. It doesn’t work that way.

Frauds are easily spotted and they will usually not be too fond of your presence as they will know from the first time you lock eyes with them that you are the real thing and they are not. It’s not always wise to allow those in your midst that you are gifted with discernment, it is a hard ability to hide but it makes things go much smoother when you wear a dumbed-down demeanor in stealth-like fashion as you walk amongst the heathens. I will be speaking on this particular aspect of my walk and the things that I have had to deal with before I learned how to navigate these troubled spiritual waters of the present world.

Having a gift such as this takes a special person to not run away from it and seek the pseudo comfort from the temporary protection of ignorance, but if you do then be prepared to meet the demons head on that those who don’t have your gift will never have the displeasure of seeing because they are living in their hell bound grip.

They say ignorance is bliss and they might be right because there are worlds out here that many are not aware of and if they knew half of what was walking around they would probably lose their minds in record time.

…….and for those of us who really know the only option is to get down on our knees and pray, pray PRAY!

To do so is a small price to pay for such an awesome gift!

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