Yesterday (9.3.2018) we had the discussion of all discussions with Brother Sakhep – The Ordained Priest Of Decadence – at the Three Masks Inc. cultural center located in Orlando Florida. I have to say – and I’m also speaking for Brother Keston also – that the knowledge that flowed from Brother Sakhep was not only refreshing, motivational and phenomenal, but was the obvious by product of decades of intense study.

As Brother Sakhep spoke I thought about what is taught to our Black children in these oppressor’s schools of indoctrination and began to get angry at how their time is wasted on learning lies when they could be receiving the real mental and spiritual nutrition that I had the blessing to enjoy in this edifying conversation.

While many will mentally perish by the wayside in this world never knowing who they truly are, I realize that all are not doomed to hopelessness as long as we have Brothers like this in our midst around. He very presence on the planet and those like him validate my existence and mission on social media as what they share must be pushed out for our hungry minds to absorb to counteract the low vibration content that guarantees a life of being oppressed because of a lack on knowledge.

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