The Knife & Fork: Societies Weapon Of Choice To Committing Mass Suicide!

Suicide comes in many forms and many of us are trying so hard to die every day but don’t realize that the weapon of choice is the knife and fork!

Of all the threats to our life dangerously hanging over our heads in this modern world, the one thing that takes us off the face of the planet is one that we have the most control over.

No one knows when they wake up to start a new day if this will be their last day. Most of the time on the day that we die, we end up stressing over the everyday challenges and obligations that are soon to be irrelevant. Yet as we live life, we unknowingly take something so precious away by the toxic practices that we indulge in.

We can’t ever know how to anticipate a stray bullet with us as the unintentional target as we lay in a deep slumber in the perceived “safety” of our homes. Nor can we imagine getting slammed into smithereens as we enjoy a nostalgic moment brought on by our favorite song playing on the radio while waiting in our vehicle at the red light after a truck rear ends us at top speed after the overworked driver fell asleep behind the wheel.

But what we do have control over are the substances that we consume and sadly those who consume them on masse haven’t a clue that much of they ingest is not actually food.

I would have never thought the day would arrive when most of what is considered civilized society would be decieved into thinking that these fraudulent substances that the corporate food gangs have offered up as real food to sustain us nutritionally would be embraced as authentic and good for our bodies.

But we have been collectively deceived and we are suffering the consequences of consuming what I consider a deadly cocktail of deceptive culinary embalming fluid that we eat with a Colgate smile on our face!

Many of those who consider themselves the religious elite have all but forgotten the dietary laws that are conveniently forgotten because of their gluttonous “out of control” appetites that they refuse to curb as though their greed for this addictive brand of poison for the taste buds is far different from any other manifestation of the lust for the flesh.

We will scrutinize every aspect of those potential mortgage documents before we sign our lives away not realizing that the word mortgage means a “death note”. A term that will come to fruition as we eat ourselves to death in our new kitchen that we’ll never finish paying for.

While death is an inevitable fact of life too many of us hasten it because of the types of counterfeit substances masquerading as food that we eat.

I’ve noticed personally how many of my friends, acquaintances and coworkers just seem to be dropping off of the face of this earth with an increasing regularity that has been quite disturbing to me.

No one seems to make the connection between an early death and the subpar nutrition that the deceased literally consumed in every waking moment.

The media has us believing that these artificially manufactured toxic chemical concoctions that are created in these food laboratories were made to keep us healthy when in fact they are created for elevated profits through a longer shelf life.

Basically we have been embalming ourselves unknowingly while still alive yet wondering why our bodies are moving about the face of the earth in such a deadened fashion.

We have placed our trust in the wrong people and now we are paying the price for it with subpar health.

To be sick is abnormal yet there is an industry that profits from you being sick and many who are deceived into believing that these same greed driven entities who profit from ones illness cares enough to truly want them to walk in good health.

Nothing could be further away from the truth.

But once someone has fallen down to the point of bad health, they really didn’t realize that they’ve been set up from a long time before in such an innocent and seemingly harmless fashion.

Those constant trips to that neighborhood fast food joint like McDonalds or Burger King that many look back on with a fondness as our consumption of this poison has become a memory near and dear to us.

When we now as adults become stressed in this fast paced society, we will then reach out to those comfort foods that are really a lethal toxic cocktail of death to bring us back to the hospital to then receive more chemicals to compound a problem and keep the medical professionals in a life of luxury!

We’ve got to do better people!

We’ve got so much information out here for free and within reach that there is no excuse to the fact that most of us have become no better than a crack addict for these meals of death!

We concern ourselves with the wrong things and emphasize the things that matter not over the long haul.

We take care of our vehicles better than we do the bodies that we have for which there is no replacement.

We can always purchase a new car but do you know how hard it is to get a new pair of kidneys when they fail?

The moment an individual suffers that fatal heart attack is a moment that I believe the material possessions of this world are the furthest thing from their mind!

We’ve got to get our priorities straight if we truly want to live a long healthy life. Sure, we are ALL going to “expire” one day and make the transition to the next level, but why do we insist on spending those last few precious years in discomfort, pain and agony when the simple investment to learn what are the proper foods to consume as well as the proper maintenence of our very unique bodies that will bring us to a quality of life that most people with bad food consumption practices would never enjoy!

The power of extending a quality life or following the propoganda trail to an early grave is in your hands and I definitely know which way that I want to go!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Healthy Eating Brother,



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