The Lance Scurv Talk Show – After Show Thoughts (You Might Be His Wife, But Are You His Bottom Bitch?)

I have to say, as far as I was concerned, last nights show was the BOMB! It was all that and a bag of chips! I learned a tremendous amount about how the opposite sex views the modern day terminology of what we call the “Bottom Bitch!”. And while we all will probably still hold on to our personal view on what the word means, at least we all will be cognizant of what the other people around us feel about the word.

There were so many wonderful points highlighted in the program and I have to say that for an exchange that used the “B-Word” as much as it was used, if was any other group of people a fight would have broken out! Lol! Not that we were calling each other that but you know what I mean……

Thanks as always to Co-Host Evie for enlightening me and dropping science in a way that had me saying DAMN!

Mia shared some really deep raw truthful insights that probably had many of the silent listeners frozen in awe at the way she put it down  so brutally honest! The truth she spit out so effortlessly was definitely a highlight and will have me going back to listen to it over and over again! Trust me, it was like THAT and was soundbite worthy.

Carlos listened patiently throughout the entire show only to come out swinging like a wise old fighter who paced himself for the grand
finale to earn a masterpiece of a knockout by the shared insight as only he can do it!

Joe Neckbone as usual gave us those unexpected angles of opinion that one never really ponders, his genius is how he can take what many would say is a quite different point of view and make not only sense of it all but make you agree with him at the end of the day! I cracked up when he said that his next woman had to be a straight of HOE! You have to go back and listen to his logic and although that wouldn’t have been my course of action, I have to say that he convinced me that he had a valid point. So if I ever find myself single again and you see me slowly creeping up and down the red light district with my dark tinted windows slightly cracked and driving to a slow creep amongst the hoes then you will know who put that bug in my ear! Lol!

I want to give a special shout out to Jada and her friends who were out and about driving and tuned in to the show via their cellphone as  well as adding their viewpoint which definitely stirred the collective psyches of those of us who were already embroiled  and locked in (friendly) conversational battle. Your presence was definitely refreshing. Don’t forget us girl, and tune in again next week!

Inside joke of the week: How come right after I got off of the phone last night I checked my Facebook page before retiring and had some friend requests from someone named Betty who was quite attractive I might add (She broke the myth, she probably requested me to prove a point!) AND another woman  named “Mary” that didn’t have a profile picture to show me who it was? I freaked out for a minute and said NOOOOOOO! But I added her anyway (And swore up and down that I smelled alcohol around me while I did!) and PRAYED that it wasn’t the Mary that we spoke about in the show! For those of you who don’t understand you will have to play the program to catch the hilarious story behind this joke!

In preparing for the show I did something quite different in going out to the streets to get the collective opinions of the people in knee jerk fashion. This end of things was quite rewarding and refreshing and I will be doing this every week to keep things as interesting for all of our shows as it was for this one.

So let’s get ready for next weeks show that is based on the blog “How To Love Your Woman” and let the ladies put it out there on what it is that’s mandatory to keep them happy, satisfied and well loved! Of course I will promote it heavily and I am looking forward to pounding the pavement after work this week to getting the early responses on video for all of us to enjoy! Understand that as the weeks fly by I will be trying some new things that will make this show the addiction that I want it to be for all!

Share the links, share the love and let’s keep the healthy dialogue going!

Righteous Love Always,

From Your Busy Brother,

Lance Scurv


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January 27, 2016 10:03 AM

I read your post and wished I’d wrtiten it

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