The Lance Scurv Talk Show – (After Show Thoughts) Does Sex Between Friends Ruin The Friendship?

How much better can it get? If you were with us last night on the LanceScurv Show you would know EXACTLY I am talking about! Is there no end to the laughs, spontaneous eruptions of unprovoked humor and just plain old good times? No, this ain’t a sales pitch people, because if you tuned in you know that I’m not lying, but like comedian extraordinaire Martin Lawrence and a slew of “Ebonicly gifted” individuals in the ‘hood would say: “I’m just saying though!”

I have to tell you, the combination of blended energies of Mia, Evie and Joe Neckbone make for a delicious powerful gumbo of dynamic eclectic energies that keep you from ever wanting to tune out after tuning in to the show that has quickly become a righteous addiction for me, our listeners, and all of the wonderful aforementioned members of the LanceScurv Talk Show crew!

I also want to thank them for making the show what it is as I could NOT bring THAT type of energy an gut busting humor and I have to say that it is truly therapeutic for me! Better than a hard drink (Even though I don’t drink, I like to say that!) or an indulgence into an illegal substance (Which I DON’T believe in, I’m naturally high all of the time!)

The aftershow got deliciously raw as usual and I want to thank all of those who were tuned in by phone who may not have had anything to say, just by you being there it let me know that you were having a great time. But since I am on the subject of our silent partners let me ask you all a question – How could you be so quiet with all of the funny crap that we were saying? Must be that mute button, because I KNOW that you had to be cracking up on the other end of the line!

Inside joke of the week: Just make sure that if you are home doing your exercises or “calisthenics” with someone intimately (I have to keep it decent y’all!), make sure that your window screens have no small holes in it because those flies could really mess up a good time when they choose to land on those “exercise balls” when they come into the room! Got me? LOL! Anyway, I also want to thank “Mary” (Why did she have to choose THAT name? You all know how I have P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) when I hear of any woman who introduces herself as being a Mary! Stop laughin’ y’all, this is SERIOUS! LOL!

anyway, I am so looking forward to this week’s upcoming show and I want you all to be there, if you can’t make it then make sure to listen to the archived show while you do you house-chores or at home just plain ol’ relaxing. You’ll be glad that you did. Next week’s show topic will be – “Are You In Some Man’s Harem And Don’t Even Know It?” This one is SURE to stir up the controversy ’cause I am going to tell you all the tricks that I’ve learned over the years! Don’t hate me fellas!

Don’t forget! I will see you all on Friday night!

Righteous Love Always,

Lance Scurv

P.S. – If you missed the show, click here to hear it, it will play automatically after a short advertisement!

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