The Lance Scurv Talk Show – After Show Thoughts (These No Good Men & The Women Who Love Them)

I sincerely want to thank everyone for listening to last night’s program on “These No Good Men & The Women Who Love Them!” It was “mucho” fun and it allowed many of us to understand so many different points of view especially my dear friend and caller “Nicky” who basically said that the status of what is considered a “Good Man” really depends on the woman who is dealing with him. Great point Nicky!

I also want to thank Joe Neckbone (You gotta love that name! LOL! His articulate manner and direct delivery always makes for a hot conversation!), Evie (A real ride or die chick from Queens New York! Her husband is SO blessed and I know she is to to have him!), Big Los (My boy from damn near birth! Could you imagine the war stories that WE have together? LOL!) Miriam (L.A.’s finest whose mind always fascinates me every time she expresses it! ), Ruth (My dear Sister from Jacksonville, FL. who always shoots straight from the hip!) NubianPrince (The Man from Detroit whose laugh makes all of the Ladies forget that Barry white ever existed! LOL!)

That being said, there were so many other people who just chose to listen it and that’s okay too! I also want to mention to the caller named Sherone that all may not be lost in your relationship, just make sure to let your man know that he is going to have to make a huge change really fast because his complacency is hurting your beyond measure! Also, I said it on the show and I am going to say it here: No more “loving” for him until he gets his act together, when he starts poking you with that “other” finger to hint at some nature channel activities, hand him that family size jar of Vaseline and porn DVD and tell him to take his matters into his own hands! I’m serious!

Next week we are going to really hit the ground running with the show entitled “You Might Be His Wife, But are You His Bottom Bitch?” That one is sure to bring the firebrands out of the woodwork! Once again, here is the link ( to that blog which I am giving to you as a homework assignment to read to be a little more knowledgeable for the show while it airs! So I want to hear more of you come forward with your opinions no matter what they may be! I had so many text messages hit my hip as the show progressed and while I encouraged those who were shy to do so, let’s bump it up a notch and call in even if it’s just to breath into the phone to show your presence! LOL! (I get a lot of those too if you know what I mean!)

Do know that while I have always had my shows on Thursday and the “Bottom Bitch” show was scheduled for Thursday too, do make a note that I am going to move it back to Fridays because of the obvious “not having to get up the next day to go to work syndrome” that the majority of us have that will put us in the mood to participate. I understand, no one wants to call into a show when they have to get up early the next day to go to work! I’m with you on that!

Another issue that I want to bring up is the fact that I do understand how being a member of any group can be annoying when you have a smartphone or just plain upsetting when you all of a sudden have 200 new e-mails in your inbox because the Lance Scurv Talk Show group sent you every response and utterance between the members in separate e-mails. Instead of leaving the group because of this (“Sob! Don’t leave me!”) just click on the notifications button  click it from “on” to “off!” That way you will still be a member and can still check out what’s going on when YOU want to! So please don’t leave me! LOL!

Anyway, do know that I am open to suggestions for show topics and I am also open to do MORE SHOWS on other dates (Time permitting) if you feel that there is an urgent topic that you want to touch on, it gets no better than that ’cause you know that I’m real with mine! So hit me with a text or a call or just leave it in the Lance Scurv Talk Show room for all to vibe on unless you want to cuss me out or something. LOL!

I’m so loving this ride and I want to thank you all!

Righteous Love Always,

Lance Scurv

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Media Personality | Culture Critic | Podcast Host | Blogger & Cartoonist who focuses on the issues of raw Human Nature the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!  THE LANCESCURV SHOW PODCAST focuses is on current events, trending happenings, news and thought provoking topics of interest in an uncompromising uncensored manner.

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