The LanceScurv All Night Off The Chain After Party # 27

It was a very intense night indeed as our conversation in the previous show on Mental Illness in America spilled over into this show. To really get into the flow of this program one would have to absorb what had transpired in that particular show but because the hour was getting late, the participants had cooled down quite a bit while the intellectual component remained but was very relaxed.

I have to commend everyone for their participation on our recent shows as the quality of the content on all levels continues to soars to heights previously unseen. as was evident tonight, we welcome everyone to share their views as it helps all who listen to step out of their world and mindset at least to embrace the perspectives of others which will hopefully help us to jump start our minds to another level of growth beyond the boundaries of our own specific paths.

So once again here is yet another offering that can be enjoyed at leisure and as always I encourage you and anyone who enjoys what is heard hear to share it with all of your friends via the various social media networks. It’s you little way of showing your appreciation for the effort that the LanceScurv team has put forth.

Thanks again and do have a very prosperous and healthy New Year!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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