The LanceScurv Late Night Sex Show # 4

The LanceScurv Late Night Sex Show is an open forum live discussion between adults of all sensual/sexual tastes arriving from ALL lifestyle preferences dealing with the specifics of all things sexual that most are afraid to acknowledge in their personal lives.

I’ve found personally that too many people are not in touch with their erotic selves and have an abundance of hangups that usually have roots in their upbringing that block or filter out all possibility of the pleasure that they can potentially receive in the present.

I believe that a dialogue with ones peers is a healthy scenario that can serve to enlighten those who may be a bit shy to ask or maybe have an opportunity to explore the feelings that they have repressed deep down inside. This program was not put together to promote any type of promiscuous behavior as we here in the LanceScurv Family do not condone anything that would put anyone’s health at risk.

We simply see a need for adult mature conversation that just might unlock the shackles of ignorance that have held back many who have never truly experienced how beautiful, delicious and downright satisfying a great sex life can be! It’s NOT merely about procreation, it’s also about having fun! It’s one of God’s greatest gifts to us yet many are too apprehension to unwrap that gift!

This program is uncensored and is for mature audiences ONLY and it must be said that in our prior Sex Show we had so much unbridled laughter amongst the participants that it was extremely therapeutic to our souls! So don’t miss out on this highly anticipated GROWN FOLKS time and again know that ALL are welcomed and encouraged to attend even if you merely want to listen, that’s okay too!

Be prepared for the time of your LIFE adult style and UNcensored!

Kissing In The Bed

Time: Friday March 15, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Place: The LanceScurv Show<—–Click here at showtime to hear the entire program live on your computer or smartphone!

Call In Number: 760-259-2310 – Call in to listen or join in with your opinions on the discussion. You DO NOT need a computer to participate in the show, all you need is your phone.

If you have any issues getting to the show, feel free to call me on my personal cell (407-590-0755) and I will get you squared away with any problems that you might have!

Also, the entire program will be available below and uploaded to my YouTube channel ( the very next day for your listening convenience just in case you’ve missed it.

About The Author

Media Personality | Culture Critic | Podcast Host | Digital Nomad | Blogger & Cartoonist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!  THE LANCESCURV SHOW PODCAST focuses is on current events, trending happenings, news and thought provoking topics of interest in an uncompromising uncensored manner.

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