The LanceScurv Show – Creflo Dollar: Innocent Father Or Abusive Control Freak?

Everyone is talking about the incident of family violence involving the 50 year old World Changers Mega Church Reverend Creflo Dollar and his 15 year old daughter. He allegedly choked her, punched her and inflicted a minor injury that the arresting officer noticed at the time of his assessment on the scene of the altercation. While I will not get into the facts as reported in the video below and will admit that since I wasn’t there that I am not at liberty to say what happened, I will speculate the possibilities like everyone else is doing at this point because really that is ALL we can do!

Creflo Dollar Arrested

What makes this such a touchy issue is that Creflo Dollar is a man who hold a position in a church that is a highly visible establishment worldwide. Because of his stance on money (As well as his name, was he BORN with that last name? Somebody PLEASE help me!) and being classified by most as a prosperity preacher, his being locked up has brought out the worst in so many people in cyberspace judging from the comments that are so out there for the world to see.

Many have defended him as a father who must have had a reason to punish his daughter for some unknown at the moment reason, but at the same time most of those who were favoring his reasons have stated that if in fact the story was true then his heavy-handedness was way to much for a 15 year old no matter what she did!

Others pretty much have rejoiced that he was locked up and I feel that it really wasn’t because of the incident but because of the built up resentments prior to the arrest that many have against the flamboyance of those who are considered prosperity preachers.

Yes, no matter what position one holds out in the world, these days with the many stresses and pressures that can rain down upon us unexpectedly we can sometimes overreact and bring undue attention to ourselves but I feel that when you are such a highly visible mega preacher who has so much to lose in a time when the economy is not at its best, you better walk a little more careful than most because the slightest infraction in your personal life is literally guaranteed to become front page news as this has within hours!

The After Show that I am scheduling for this morning will most likely touch on a magnitude of surrounding issues and raise up some dormant resentments that is sure to make for a very entertaining, fiery and informative exchange. Do make sure to bring your popcorn and a BIG jug of soda for this one because passions will fly tonight!


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