The LanceScurv Show – Hoodrat Baby Mommas: Misled Angels Or Mindless Breeders?

Baby Mommas are a common fixture in today’s society and a universally accepted lifestyle category across the board. soon you will see “Baby Momma” on most applications or forms right up there with Married, Single or Widowed.

Now don’t get me wrong, they have ALWAYS been women who have had their children out of wedlock and tried to carry themselves in a dignified manner after the fact. The truth of the matter is that it was here business to do so but society STILL gave a side eye to any woman who did and she knew it but no one really “went there.”

Black folks especially can be so two faced when these issues arise in a discussion, so many of our women are not only having their children out of wedlock and suffering the consequences for doing so as many have used a man merely as a sperm donor but now this thing called “Baby momma” has taken things to an all time low! But what baffles the mind is that it appears that merely being a Baby Momma is a highly desirable thing to be these days!

This is brash talk but we are not going to hold back in this one!

Why is it that the stereotypical so called Baby Momma feels as though she has accomplished something after she had a child from some knucklehead who orgasmed up inside of her and never had any intentions of even staying with her?

Why is it that these women who breed so easily with whoever they were “Talking To” at the moment and then get major attitudes with everyone after they’ve felt the weight of raising their children all alone and can’t get to the club like they used to which got them in trouble in the first place?

What made them think that after living a few hedonistic years in a wonton carefree manner without any thought of improving their education or increasing their chances to be their best that they would have ANY chance of making it without the soon to be canceled government handouts that have robbed them further of any will to be self sufficient and independent?


But yet these Ghetto Belles will tell you that they are making it on their own without the help of any man and they are independent STRONG BLACK WOMAN while peepin’ out of the window to see if the mailman came by yet to deliver that welfare check that she NEEDS to continue to pay her bills while lying to herself that she is doing it on her own.

Why is it that they feel that the world owes them anything merely because they laid down on their own free will without planning a life or career when what they really accomplished was what any dog or cat does everyday in the street? It didn’t take any sense to crack open your legs and let a fool climb on top of you to use you as a sperm receptacle!

Now while this sounds like hate talk it’s really not and do understand that every women who has a child out of the diminishing traditional standards of society is not a Baby momma or even a disgrace because all situations are very different.

What I am touching on when I say the term Baby Momma is that ignorant loud ‘hoodrat that has to always make a scene out in public to get attention and to act out her rage for the world because of the deep rooted regrets that she feels for the dumb ass mistake that she chose right in front of her children and damaging THEIR minds even further!

They will claim to be victims and whine about things being so hard but the fact of the matter is that the only thing that they concerned themselves with that was hard was their sperm donor’s penis! It was all good back then until she realized that her period wasn’t coming around just like her friend with benefits wasn’t!

This is when reality set in and this is how the Baby Momma was born! Heck! She wasn’t even good enough to be a girlfriend for any long period of time! She wasn’t worthy by that horny dude to even commit to so what makes anyone think that someone wants to make her their WIFE?

But what gets me is that the cycle of stupidity will continue because she will go right on back to whomever she was “Talking To” at the time and plop out yet another child!

This child grows up in a subpar situation that lacks the proper resources for maximum development to be empowered to make it in the world and then usually becomes part of the system of the ‘hood that gets even more decadent with each passing decade. The only real men that the Baby Momma and her children know are those that come around for a good time every now and then but only become a memory after they have gotten what they wanted before moving on to the next one.

But this is okay with the Baby Momma because all she wants is that free government money and Section 8 to live free in a ‘hood plantation apartment and hoochie flophouse that breeds even more whorishly decrepid behavior as the years roll by.

But if you ask any real Baby Momma about her self esteem, she will tell you that she is proud to be a Baby Momma and wouldn’t have it any other way!

But if you really study the faces of these very much in pain lost souls you will see the envy and regrets when they are in the proximity of a woman who has made great choices and decisions in life is reaping the benefits of her self discipline and common sense by the success that she displays and confidence that she exudes.

Hoodrat Baby Mommas do not like to be reminded that they are living out the results of their dumb ass decisions to have children with a Man-Bum who used them and wasn’t worth nothing because of his lack of sense to make something of himself.

Hoodrat Baby Mommas have a knack for finding the dumbest men-bums to procreate with in order to rear children who will continue their impoverished legacy.

Now we can go on and on about the Hoodrat Baby Momma but I will leave some points to be discussed on the show because Lord KNOWS that this conversation is long overdue about this grafted morphed hood creation that is abrasive, confrontational and a danger to her own self and community if she continues on her out of control lane in life!

Be prepared for some tough talk and some hard lessons…….

Baby Momma

Time: Friday, March 27, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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