The LanceScurv Show – How Long Could You Tolerate A Mate Who Refuses To Work?

While the initial “knee jerk” reaction of an answer is quite obvious, trust me, this weeks topic is not as clear cut as we try to make it seem. Many will profess to the world that they absolutely will NOT take care of a mate that refuses to work, but behind closed doors the many hidden factors that the world does not see comes into play in a very strong way.

Now granted, we are not speaking of the righteous covering that one gives to a mate that has gotten sick or has some type of unfortunate injury, no, we don’t mean to put that type of action down because this is what should be done when you are with someone who has worked and contributed to the well being financially of the both of you. And as a matter of fact, there isn’t enough of this type of loyalty in our relationships these days because most of the time when something unfortunate goes down most people get in the wind never to be found ever again.

Lazy Black Man

But what I am speaking about is the one sided situation where you are pulling all of the weight for someone who doesn’t seem as though they don’t possess any ambition to do anything more than masturbate the remote control and make sure that the couch is broken in properly and constantly!

Work? That’s a four letter word to some of us who have an ambitious significant other who seemingly possesses a long fuse and overlooks the obvious and blatant refusal to do their part as one who possesses an able body unfortunately connected to a slothful mind.

How do I know that there are more people who are enablers to this type of individual? Well the next time you are in public try to notice the amount of well dressed bums who are on the corner when you are leaving to go to work and who are still there in that same location when you are returning home tired from that same day of gainful effort.

While some may be the proud recipient of the coveted “crazy check”, the others are obviously being supported by SOMEONE because THEY have to be eating and sleeping somewhere and it’s surely not a situation that’s for free. THEY may not be paying their way through life, but SOMEONE is, the question is might that “someone” be you?

It is not as cut and dried as we might think because many people infiltrate our lives with the facade of being an ambitious hard working person with the sole intent of getting past your protective barriers of common sense to “get in” and lay an egg of a problem in your life just to get that free ride. Trust me, they are out there and they are aggressively buzzing around and about the earth seeking their next victim if they don’t have one already.

You might be asking why am I going into so much detail about these various scenarios? Well the question again is how much of it will YOU tolerate and when exactly do you draw the line and tell a leech when to hit the door?

It can be a very embarrassing situation to most and this can keep a person in it longer than seems logical especially after you’ve built this individual up to the friends and acquaintances in your world to being such a great catch and the person of your dreams. Denial will kick in after a while as the truth taps you on the shoulder with the annoying urgency of a child who wants a toy that they saw in the toy store that you try so hard to ignore.

We also have mates that sometime use the power of sexuality to keep a hold on us to further milk us of our resources, this can be one of the most powerful influences that the world we will never see but will have them asking themselves “what does he or she see in them?” The freakishness that goes on behind closed doors is a factor that can turn the most sensible of us into Grade A ranked FOOLS!

So will YOU be the one to tolerate a relationship based on your lopsided work effort to improve the overall lifestyle while your mate sits at home doing whatever pleases them at your expense or will you grant a very short grace period for them to get their act together before kindly placing their possessions on the curb whether it’s technically legal to do so or not!

Whether it is a situation that you heard about or a personal horror story of character deception from the current time or the past or even a victorious tale of “taking back your life” from the clutches of a fool deficient in ambition, we want to hear about it!

You just might be surprised at what some of the answers here may be! Don’t miss it!

Time: Friday, July 20, 2012 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Place: The LanceScurv Show <—- Click here to attend this program at showtime.

Call In Number: 760-259-2310 – Call in to listen or join in with your opinions on the discussion. You DO NOT need a computer to participate in the show, all you need is your phone.

Click the YouTube screen below in order to enjoy the ENTIRE 3 hour program and please don’t laugh TOO HARD!

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