The LanceScurv Show – How Much Of A Role Should Family Play In Your Relationship?

How Much Of A Role Should Family Play In Your Relationship?

Most people who view my inquiry pretty much won’t think to hard about the question asked until they get into some type of family feud due to the fact that someone in their family overstepped their bounds and went a little too far in dipping into the intimate relationship of their family member.

Then it becomes an issue that many in that same family won’t ever want to touch but the fact remains that the limitations must be respected whether it is spoken on or not.

There are certain places that one just shouldn’t venture no matter HOW close that family member may be!

Now granted, some families truly understand that when it comes to a relationship or marriage, anything short of abuse on any level is the business of that couple and that couple only.

But you and I know that in most families it doesn’t seem to work that way. There is ALWAYS that sharer of D.N.A. that HAS to push the envelope and go where no one has gone before into the business of their coupled kin!

Yes, these creepy types want to know wants going on in ALL of the inner workings of your world right on down to what ordained freakishness that you may be indulging in behind closed doors in the confines of your bedroom! (Or kitchen counter for that matter! LOL!)

Others will insist that they find out what is in your bank account as well as being all up in any major financial transactions that you and your significant other may be in the midst of executing.

And don’t have a health concern that needs to be treated as a discreet issue, because the minute that “THEY” find out it will be as private as the top stories on CNN and spread just as fast!

Have an argument or disagreement as all couples have?

Well you other family members will be informed of the gory details with lightning speed with their own twist put on the incident in order to keep the drama going! Definitely not a good thing at all.

While some may claim that they mean well by their constant meddling into your private affairs, many actually feel that because you ARE related that your private home life is an open book for them to just drop on in at will unannounced and BARGE in freely to intrude in on your peaceful tranquil reality as though THEY have some type of legal right to be there!

Trust me. It happens!

Family Relationship

Now these types get very insulted once they realize what those “strong (AHEM!) hints” were that you have been throwing all along and will become angry once they know that YOU WEREN’T PLAYING!

They will come to your home at will without a phone call and never ask if you even wanted to be bothered for that day, not only that, but some will include themselves in the decisions of your life from the smallest decorative preference up to any major life changes that you might be considering.

These people are like viruses that just won’t go away!

So even with these few examples if you never understood the trauma that can be caused by those persistent family members, you must understand it somewhat by now.

So what could or should be done to keep these folks who you have the misfortune of being related to at bay?

Well, nothing at all if you are too timid to stand up and stake your claim to a healthy relationship free of intrusion, but for the most part many people are literally afraid to draw the line between what is acceptable and what’s not and will suffer indefinitely until they realize that it won’t stop until they put their foot down!

So the question that I put out to you is…….

How Much Of A Role Should Family Play In Your Relationship?

While some may mean no harm when they want to be close to you as a couple, how much of a role is TOO MUCH?

We know that different cultures have a different tolerance to the close proximity of their extended family members, but no matter where you limitations may stand, everyone has a point of no return regardless as to how much they claim they love and adore each other.

Where is YOUR breaking point and WHAT are the areas that you consider untouchable to that very curious Mother-In-Law or that always visiting Sister or Step-Child?

…….this will surely be a very entertaining and revealing show and definitely would love your input into this potentially highly volatile situation.

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!!!!

Don’t miss this one! You just might learn something on this night!


Time: Friday, June 1,  2012 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Place: The LanceScurv Show  <—-Click here to attend this program at showtime!

Call In Number: 760-259-2310 – Call in to listen or join in with your opinions on the discussion. You DO NOT need a computer to participate in the show, all you need is your phone.

Click the YouTube screen below to hear this introspective show in its entirety. Enjoy!

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