The LanceScurv Show – How Much Relationship Baggage Are You Willing To Deal With?

When a brand spanking new relationship becomes a consideration and possibility in ones life, the thought of the baggage that this new interest brings to the table is the last thought in ones mind, only those of us who have been around the block a few times can see through the fog of euphoric infatuation and cut straight to the bone to make the wise decision based on facts whether to move forward or not.

It’s a tough call for most to truly filter through that long held dream of having what appears to be the perfect mate but right afterward having to deal with their undesirable extras that usually come along with the territory, but just like a tax audit by the IRS it must be done!

What’s so tough about the baggage we carry is that not ONLY is it sometimes hard to detect it in our potential mate and even the relationships that we’ve already committed too, but the fact that all baggage is not created equal!

What do I mean by this? Well what might be baggage to one person may not be baggage to another. Say for example a woman meets a man who has several kids by different women, he might be a great guy who spends time with them all and supports those children wholeheartedly, but to his new love interest it isn’t a problem because she might have wanted children but because of a medical condition she can’t so he is the perfect guy.

For another woman who may have limited time in her life because of her career ambitions and scholastic obligations, that same Brother is a man with too much baggage!

But while baggage is usually considered having a litter of hungry ashy children running behind you barefoot with snotty noses and stinky diapers screaming their lungs out, it doesn’t always have to necessarily mean that there is no other variety that couldn’t be described by that very same word.

Take for example a person with extreme credit issues that could have been avoided in the first place with a little common sense, while anyone can lose a job or get struck down with an unexpected illness, when you discover that your love interest fell into debt because they had a gambling problem that made it tough for them to keep a roof over their head then I think that’s a huge red flag to not even consider letting them move in with you unless you want to subsidize their habit and enable a straight up loser!


while many unfortunate Brothers and Sisters have made the bad choices that landed them into being incarcerated, how many of us are willing to deal with it after the fact when they cannot find a good paying stable job while you still want to purchase that dream home that the occasional labor pool gig could never subsidize?

Here’s one more example, how about that sexy and intelligent person that you’ve been eyeing for quite a long time, seems like one would think that the offers for dates and relationships would be pouring all over them but everyone seems to keep a distance. Well long after you get with them and everything seems to be going well, you find out that half of the town has gone to bed (Or the back seat of their car or the alleyway! LOL) with them and they received the same freakish acts behind closed doors that you are getting! Game changer isn’t it?

So again, what’s baggage for one is not baggage for another!

Baggage may be your mate’s inability to dress in a manner that suggests they are NOT colorblind!

Baggage may mean that they are nasty around the house and usually get dressed in the morning out of that pile of dirty clothes that doesn’t seem to insult their nostrils.

Maybe they don’t flush after themselves or know how to use a knife and fork properly in the presence of your company.

Whatever it is, it bugs the heck out of you in a way that will jeopardize anything more happening nice between the two of you until they get their acts together or get the hell out of your life if they refuse!

We also want to hear your old or current war stories on this topic but the question tonight is:

How much relationship baggage are YOU will to deal with?

This should get very interesting indeed!


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