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I love it when you are hurting! You read the title of this show correctly. We didn’t make a mistake when we created it because there are so many of our mates who feel just this way.

On the outside many will make sure to appear as though their relationships are loving and highly supportive, but behind closed doors it can be a totally different balance in the chemistry of that relationship.

This might not be everyone, but there are many who actually LOVE when their mate is hurting and feeling down. These types of spouses will only show love as long as their mate is depressed and on their last leg, but as soon as things are looking up for them either within their spirit on in their situation, the oppression begins!

These spouses will work overtime to work against their mate in ways that will sabotage any plans of positivity and advancement.

But yet they are like that cat who plays with the mouse enough to keep it too weak to escape but strong enough to amuse it in its struggle. This transpires in both sexes and is more common than most might think, it’s definitely dysfunctional and sometimes a generational curse passed down from the behavior that was absorbed from a damaged upbringing.

While this phenomenon is found in both sexes, to paint the picture of the scenarios that I have observed, I will use the example of the brow beaten man who allows his wife to abuse him with no resistance.

We all know of that ultra talented husband who has seemed to marry the wrong woman who controls him, keeps him from making use of the many talents that he possesses and keeps him always as an underachiever.

She well knows of his abilities and utilizes them for her benefit but if he attempts to take them to the next level she will spring into action and do everything from within her power to keep him down!

She is a master manipulator and knows her man well. She knows the things that make him laugh as well as the thoughts that can make him cry. She can place his mind where ever she wishes and uses this power over him as the ultimate form of control.

What is worse is when they have children together, she will incorporate their emotions into her manipulative agenda to really put the nails in his emotional coffin.

All because she gets the ultimate thrill from seeing her man hurt!

Yes, there will be others who are close to the situation who just can’t grasp why anyone in their right mind would have such a good man only to rip apart his soul with such a controlling and oppressive spirit. Some men may fall into an affair with another woman simply because the pain of being involved with such a cold calculating and twisted wife is too much to bear on a daily basis and the thought of coming “home” to such a dysfunctional place makes him take the long way home after work because he really doesn’t want to come home.

It really makes you wonder how many of our men (And remember, this goes for the ladies too!) are going through such a nightmare of a lifestyle while grinning and bearing it. The question is why do these men (Or women) stay in these type of imbalanced unions and how do their mates keep them in a constant place of stagnation not only for weeks or years but for an entire LIFETIME!

This man seems to want to be loved so bad by his wife but she doles out the affection in limited dosages because she knows that she cannot completely starve him or she runs the risk of losing him forever. Now her losing him is not the nightmare that many would think it is, but it’s more about keeping the drama generated that feeds her negative based soul so effectively as this is how she obtains her rush!

On this night we are going to dissect a very real situation that I don’t believe many would admit to actually existing. You see, I’ve been involved in a union such as this and know how devastating it can be on ones psyche and how it can cripple your confidence for years to come. Hopefully our dialogue tonight will help someone out there see that a big world beckons out to them to break those shackles and grow into that fully developed man or woman that God meant for you to be.

Tasha Smith

Time: Friday January 25, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Place: The LanceScurv Show <—–Click here at showtime to hear the entire program live on your computer or smartphone!

Call In Number: 760-259-2310 – Call in to listen or join in with your opinions on the discussion. You DO NOT need a computer to participate in the show, all you need is your phone.

If you have any issues getting to the show, feel free to call me on my personal cell (407-590-0755) and I will get you squared away with any problems that you might have!

Also, the entire program will be uploaded to my YouTube channel ( the very next day for your listening convenience just in case you’ve missed it.

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Media Personality | Culture Critic | Podcast Host | Digital Nomad | Blogger & Cartoonist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!  THE LANCESCURV SHOW PODCAST focuses is on current events, trending happenings, news and thought provoking topics of interest in an uncompromising uncensored manner.

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