The LanceScurv Show – Internet Hustles: Preachers, Money Schemes, Love & Sex!

It’s the ultimate open market of illusion!

The internet is a place where you can be all that you want to be without a shred of proof and validation!

Real hustlers know that most people are gullible if you “appear” in impressive garb or talk a fascinating and convincing game in rapid fire manner.

Substance in cyber space is not necessary as long as the fantasy is sold convincingly. We don’t even seem to desire the real thing because the illusion of the false promises titillate us more and “feels” better than anything in reality!

internet scams


…….and THIS is the hook that gives these internet hustlers their ability to have their strongholds on your life in ways that most would find literally unbelievable!

But this is the catch, we are all receptive to the various forms of attacks on our sense of reasoning in specific ways, the internet hustler is excellent at discerning what our weaknesses may be and will tailor their attack to fit those weaknesses.

Whether it’s a need to find love, make lots of money, satisfy a wonton need for freakish sex or submit to a false prophet who plays on our mounting guilt in order to profit for their benefit.


So even though the title of this program has a few limited schemes you have to know that the hustles of the sharks that swim and lurk in cyberspace are too numerous to list.

That being said, are you sure that you ARE not or HAVE not been used and abused by an internet shyster?

We want to expose these characters and how they get next to a person in order to leech them of there resources seemingly successfully time and time again. These faceless entities move without accountability and will continue to do so until we control our gullibility to not give them so easily what they want us to share.

Tune in for a revealing look into what most of us are afraid to face or even acknowledge.

Time: Friday, November 23, 2012 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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