The LanceScurv Show – Is President Obama A Schizophrenic Christian?

Is President Obama because Of His “Anti-Bible Policies” a Schizophrenic Christian?

A much as the masses have embraced the image of this charismatic President, some have dared to question the true agenda of this man not by his words but by his actions.

Now that President Obama is into his second term as the most powerful leader in the free world we are not forced into a position of speculation as we were when many claimed that he didn’t have a political track record or sufficient experience, now we have an extensive record on what this man stands for and we are going to call it into question on his professed Christian beliefs!

Now I do understand that as the President of such a diverse country as the United States of America that one should not impose their personal beliefs on a people as that would begin to possibly go down the road of being a dictatorship if we didn’t have the laws that we have to keep that in check, but shouldn’t one live according to what they profess and possibly step down from a position that would force them to compromise their belief system?

Obama Stonewall

When you really think about it, as a Christian, one has to cross paths with many who live as they please and that’s just part of the experience of life, but how right is it to claim something righteous and then go against it and actually promote its cause in a very real way that may have him having to answer to that in front of God’s throne?

I am not knocking anyone because only God knows the heart of the President, but I merely ask these challenging questions in order to stimulate thought and consider the possibility that all is not what it appears with our elected officials, the President being amongst them.
If you call yourself one who is subservient to the will of God, then how could you support anything that He commands is against His will.

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