The LanceScurv Show – Mothers Of The Incarcerated: How Do They Cope?

The focus of this episode of The LanceScurv Show showcases the love that a Mother feels for her child and the crippling pain that can grip her heart.

Our show is entitled: Mothers Of The Incarcerated: How Do They Cope?

Imagine. That baby that you as a Mother have is locked down behind bars hundreds of miles away vulnerable one hundred percent of the time with people who have all types of twisted motivations to do harm to others.

I don’t care how “strong” a Mother may appear to her peers, the thought of her own flesh and blood being under that kind of threat is enough to rip her soul apart n a slow burn! She can go to a social function and appear to be happy and having a great time but if you look a little closer into her eyes, you will see the pain that has been an unwanted constant companion in her life.

Could you imagine having a heartache that seems to never go away?

Can you imagine being held mentally and emotionally captive like that Mother who makes those endless phone calls to an always seemingly elusive lawyer who always seems to fall short on performance even though she has scraped, borrowed and sometimes did all kinds of things to get the payments for legal counsel in on time as to not delay the fight for her child’s case?

That special Mother will go without JUST to make sure that her baby has a full commissary and will ALWAYS make sure to take those collect phone calls even when she doesn’t know HOW she is going to even keep that phone on just to hear their voice so she can at least sleep a little better that night!

You see, everyday she walks an unseen tightrope with the winds of insanity blowing at her intensely with every step that she takes.

She is not crazy, it’s just that her mind is never really all the way her because as a Mother there is a piece of her that must be reconnected and she will never be the same until that fateful day arrives.

Mothers Of Incarcerated Sons And Daughters

Time: Friday March 22, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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