The LanceScurv Show – Saved, Sanctified & Promiscuous? Secret Anointed Lusts!

Who do we think we are fooling? Anyone who is in the “know” knows that the most effective place to get some of the hottest sex that you could ever crave is right there in church amongst those who claim to be saved, sanctified and delivered!

I know that I am going to piss someone off with this statement but it’s true. I am not putting down those who are living a clean and righteous life according to God’s divine law, but you have to admit that if you have any type of eyesight and discernment, that this has been an issue in churches in all communities whether it is Black or White and everything in between.

But what makes this such a problem when in fact this is the place where there should be even MORE control and restraint when it comes to our sexual energies running wild?

I have a theory on this and want us to maybe use this as a starting point with our discussion on this night but I feel as though “out in the world” where there is absolutely no restraint on doing whatever it is that we want to do there is not the same sexual tensions as in a place where you are told what NOT to do but never taught how to deal with those same desires.

Face it, we ALL get horny! I know I do, and you do too whether you wish to admit it or not but many of us will NEVER admit that or confess to their sexual feelings as they seem to always sweep them under the rug and act as though they are going to go away only to return again ten times more powerful than they did when they first appeared.

This is a problem.

We do not address something that is so natural and made by God Himself for us to be enjoyed in the properly ordained areas designated in scripture but at the same time we fail to see how lethal it can be when it’s misused as we are ignorant in knowing how to handle such a powerful gift if not taught how to handle it.

So we grow up in the church or enter into what we think is going to be a place where there will be individuals who possess a superior control than what we are used to dealing with out in the world only to be overwhelmed with the crippling shock of finding out that those holy rollers are even more reckless, carnal and hedonistically driven than the worst party people we have ever encountered on a Saturday night!

Heck, some of the wild folks that we used to run with in the streets have more awareness, control and restraint with their sexual desires in a staggering drunken stupor than that church Brother or Sister who is secretly on the prowl to seduce that new member or targeted preacher all in the name of the Lord!

I believe because of the “wrapping of religion”, the sexual desires that have not been addressed become more explosive because of the very denial that they exist in the first place. I can remember in the many churches that I have visited growing up that the teenagers were watched so hard by the elders as though our well hidden new found desires were something that we did that was wrong for merely having them. While I had parents at home who taught me everything that I needed to know about sex while others were afraid to ask.

I used to see as a youngster how the tight skirts and plunging necklines would catch the “not so well hidden” appreciative glances of the church brothers and the lean male muscular physiques that were obviously covered by a suit but was still visible to the eye were a strong stimulant for the available women who lots of times came to church for much more than merely praising the Lord! LOL!


It used to amaze me how sloppy these so called men and women of God were in their deception because to me their movements were quite obvious to say the least.

I would see how some of the women in the church would take their time week after week and slowly get near that one (Or two or three!) man that they were determined not merely to court, but to bed down in the most freakish manner possible. I would hear the church ladies who were Elders comment on things that my young ears weren’t supposed to hear and couldn’t believe the depth of drama that went on continuously and under the radar.

This is not a putdown on the ideal structure of what the church hierarchy is supposed to be, but an assessment on what human nature can manifest into once gone unchecked. No matter what the covering or area that we claim to populate as far as our titles and positions go, we at the core are all the same and if we do not address this powerful act and the emotions and feelings around it, the stories of the pastor getting caught with his pants down and the choir director on her knees humming a hot tune on his microphone will continue to roll out into the public eye because we have neglected to face what we all feel inside but don’t know how to handle.

So we will ask many questions and seek many answers but we do realize that there is an element of entertainment value to this episode of the LanceScurv Show so I am asking all who are attending to share with us your craziest church story involving the unbridled lusts in the pulpit.

Every church has them and if the truth be told, that very thought might be on your mind as that attractive church member strolls past the aisle you are seated in to pay their tithes and offerings. Be careful now! Because YOU might be revealed on this episode of the LanceScurv Show!

Tonight we will address this phenomenon in depth as we share our tales of unbridled lust in the pulpit as well our own inner struggles in that special place where our minds should be on our salvation as opposed to our freakish cravings. On our knees to pray? Some of us are on our knees to accomplish a few OTHER things when we lay hands on you!

Time: Friday, June 22, 2012 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Place: The LanceScurv Show <—–Click here at showtime to hear the entire program live!

Call In Number: 760-259-2310 – Call in to listen or join in with your opinions on the discussion. You DO NOT need a computer to participate in the show, all you need is your phone.

Click the YouTube screen window below in order to enjoy this episode in its entirety:

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