The LanceScurv Show – Skin Lightening Creams: Self Improvement Or Self Hate?

The bleaching of ones darker skin has always been somewhat of a Taboo Topic for as long as Skin Lightening Creams have been in existence.

For those users with darker complexions, many have stated a wide range of reasons for utilizing these oftentimes unhealthy and toxic products literally at the expense of ones well being. These skin bleaching creams and soap products all have chemicals that are proven to be detrimental to the health of the user yet the sales of them indicate an ever growing market that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

Skin Cream

So what is it about these skin lightening products that make them such a big seller especially in the Black community as well as in countries the world over?

Well, while many won’t admit it, their desire to attain lighter and whiter has nothing to do with any so called skin blotches or discolorations as these products suggest you use them for, but a deep rooted belief that lighter skin will make them even more attractive to others.


This is an indication of an extremely deep rooted issue that has gone on too long within Black communities worldwide without indulging in this long overdue conversation.

While I am encouraging everyone to call into the show and share their viewpoints, it is my belief that many who use these creams are not confident enough in their God given beauty and have been brainwashed to feel that the European standards of beauty are somewhat superior, desirable and will place the artificially lightened individual in a far better position to receive a better job, that elusive mate and overall improved chance at life because of the impression that people with lighter skin receive better treatment in society.

These feelings of inadequacy are reinforced even further by the fact that Hollywood seems to plaster the images successful Black women who represent the favored European beauty standards by the lightening of their skin and straightening of their hair.(The hair issues of Black Woman is another program altogether! LOL!)

It’s the blowback from living in a racist society and a definite indication and prime example of self hate.

Skin Bleaching

Many who’ve inherited this deadly practice in their homes growing up never question the use of these skin lightening products as they have always been a presence in many a household medicine cabinet and an accepted crucial part of the household beauty ritual.

So as you can see, this phenomenon is nothing new, just as the feeling that many Black women have that their dark skin is a thing of ugliness and a curse when in fact it’s the opposite!

Join in with our conversation on this night so we can go deep into a topic that will surely get tempers flaring!

Skin Sammy Sosa

Time: Friday May 10, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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