The LanceScurv Show – The Sacred Beauty Rituals Of The Self Hating Black Woman!

Good evening and welcome to the LanceScurv Show, the date is August 17th, 2012 and I had a very strange week indeed as it was rumored that I was sick, near my deathbed in the hospital and also possibly locked up in jail for what I just don’t know!

I must confirm that NONE of the above is true and nothing could have been further from the truth, I never did anything this week other than take some time for myself to work along with some BIG THINGS that are coming up in the months to come!

Black people you all have got to really grow up! But we will deal with that one at another time because the show must go on and what a show we have in store for you tonight indeed!

Super Weave

The title of our program tonight is: “The Sacred Beauty Rituals Of The Self Hating Black Woman!”Now first things first – I am NOT inferring that ALL Black woman are self hating, so stop rocking your neck from side to side and get your hand off of your hip because you KNOW I know better than that!But the things that my sisters do to themselves in the name of beauty can sometimes border not only on the absurd but qualify some of them to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame for Buffoonery!

Although it all started all over again earlier this month with the negative comments made on 16 year old Gold Medal winning Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas hairstyle on the various social media networks like Twitter and Facebook by mostly African American women who felt that her hair looked terrible, this has been an ongoing issue in the Black community as far as what looks good in the standard of beauty.

The comments on the beautiful and talented Gabby Douglas’ hair only shows that too many Black women are caught up in something that is really irrelevant when it comes to the character traits of the heart.

There is no other race of people on the face of the earth whose women are hellbent on changing the natural beauty that they were born with.

What is at the root of this perpetual unhappiness with the way they look?

Why is it that the so called beauty rituals that Black women put themselves through are so timely and so costly for something that is so temporary?

What is driving this addiction?

Why is it that a haircare industry that is owned by other races of people yet doesn’t benefit us one iota makes billions of dollars off of the Black woman yet it is those same communities that are suffering from poverty, lack of proper healthcare, unemployment, illiteracy, teen pregnancy, crime, incarceration and homelessness?

Wouldn’t Black women be better off saving the overwhelming amount of money spent of the frivolous endeavors spent on doing their nails, straightening, coloring and applying their weaves and doing the ultimate form of self hate in bleaching their skin with these dangerous over the counter chemicals to lighten their skin?

You take that hard earned paycheck from a job that you can’t stand and instead of building a financial safety cushion that is mandatory in this day and age of an uncertain economy, you go right on out and spend it all foolishly in an Asian Beauty supply store on a hot heap of oily hair to sit on top of your head that won’t elevate you one iota or is redeemable for a box of cracker jacks if you ended up hungry alone and out of yours!

This is 2012 people, and the argument is getting weak that states that Black women are merely relaxing their hair only because in doing so it makes it more manageable. One may say that but you and I know that is a big lie!

The fact of the matter is we as a people are brainwashed into thinking that the European standard of beauty is the only accepted standard of beauty and while I applaud many of our conscious sisters who have turn away from the chemical over the counter means of achieving that false so called beauty, there are far too many of us out here who perpetuate a standard that was imposed on us during slavery and continues to this day by the very lingo that we use on and around our children as to what “good hair” is and “bad hair.”

The media rewards the lighter complected woman with the tall, handsome, muscular and very successful man while the darker skinned beauties tend to get looked over quick in favor of the sister who rates in looks closer to that of a Caucasian woman.

Has our Sisters esteem bottomed out to the point where the only time that they feel good about themselves is when they have a ton of makeup on after a freshly fried hairstyle?

Hair Straightening

When will the madness end and who will usher in the mindset of loving ones self for who they are as they were made as opposed to feeling so inferior that they must change what God has embedded righteously in their D.N.A?

…….and to make it fair men, WE have got to stop encouraging our sisters to alter who they are because of your desire to see them in this morphed and grafted state of being that actually blocks the real beauty that they possess!

And if you my Sisters are so inferior because of the darker skin that you apply the toxic cream to bleach it lighter, going to the beauty salon never missing that appointment even when the light bill or rent isn’t yet paid, if you are so inferior and second rate in your attractiveness, then why is it that in many White communities, they are spend big money on going to a tanning salon in order to darken their skin to look like you and they pay the plastic surgeon large fortunes of money just to have those full sensuous lips that you have been blessed with in abundance?

Why I ask?

Why after all that you see in the world of how women of other races envy you for what you were born with do you STILL insist on changing that coveted gift that makes you the most beautiful morsel of womanhood to walk the face of the earth?

Please convince me that it is something else other than self hate because it damn sure looks like that to me! You got it all Black woman and you piddle it away on the lies told to you in all of your years coming up in this twisted world and our discussion tonight is going to smash these fallacies down and I urge all who agree or disagree with my personal views to call in and add on to one of the most touchiest subjects that one can attack like we will do tonight here on the LanceScurv Show!

With all of the energy that you put into the superficial visuals that you feel attract a man to you, is it THAT keeps him with you or is it for you being the person that you are?

Talk to me…….

The call in number is 760-259-2310 and we are going to rip this subject up completely more so than the weave infested scalps of those two stereotypical hood chicks who got in a fight at the club over a man and left their rope-like yak horse hair and mutual ghetto crowns of glory on the dance floor after tearing each others weave out!

Beauty Supply
Time: Friday, August 17, 2012 @ 10 p.m.Eastern Standard Time
Place: The LanceScurv Show<—–Click here at showtime to hear the entire program live!
Call In Number: 760-259-2310 – Call in to listen or join in with your opinions on the discussion. You DO NOT need a computer to participate in the show, all you need is your phone.
If you happened to have miss this program, click the YouTube screen below and enjoy the full three hours of this intense exchange!

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