The LanceScurv Show – Why Are We Always Choosing The Wrong Type Of Man?

Why Are We Always Choosing The Wrong Type Of Man?

This scheduled program will ask some of the toughest questions that must be addressed if we are to make any personal growth and progress when it comes to how and why we choose the mates that we do. While I steered the title of this particular program toward women and asked the title question in a way that inferred that this will be a woman’s issue, let it be known that in actuality this show is for everyone because we have just as many men who consistently make some very bad choices in the women that that choose to be in their lives.

While no one is perfect or can even read minds, we all most likely have looked past the well concealed danger signs that in retrospect where screaming red flags that we chose to ignore because of our possibly needs that blurred our vision about what was so obviously bad for us.

It happens to us all and we normally chalk it up to experience never for it to ever happen again but there are some of us – more than I would like to admit – that seem to ALWAYS choose the wrong type of person in our lives time and time again.

Now when I say the wrong type of person, I am not referring to that slightly uncomfortable mismatch that came from not seeing a few mild traits that we have decided through dating would never justify any further explorations into any relationships possibilities…….NO, what I am getting at is when one allows the union to meld into a full blown relationship and sometimes marriage where there is constant arguing, put downs, blow ups, persistent tension, all consuming stress and even sometimes extreme abuse mentally, physically, emotionally/spiritually!

These are the scenarios that will manifest from a union where in the early stages certain watchdog protocols were overlooked in the hopes that this seemingly good person is all that they claim to be and that it wouldn’t be necessary to take ones time because of a desire to get to the “good stuff!”

But all to often the good stuff never really existed and was merely hell wrapped in a very attractive package that once peeled off left your life in anguish never to be the same again as the same scars that were inflicted in your prior relationship were reopened and slashed even deeper leaving many to believe that they are cursed to be forever unhappy.

Now here is the tough part and I really do not know how to speak this without stepping on any toes…….

While many soiled and sour relationships can have the blame put on that now undesirable significant other, we must look within for the answers of why these losers always come our way and why we seem to always let them into our hearts time and time again.

Now I am not blaming an abused person (Again, this can be a male OR a female, don’t forget this!) for suffering abuse at the hands of her abuser/mate, what I am asking here is WHY do too many of us seem to give our love to someone who is obviously the wrong kind of person who may even have a destructive agenda from the onslaught but can move under the radar of personal wisdom into the inner chambers of the most tender places in our hearts?

Is it always THEM or maybe we need to bear responsibility on this and ask ourselves if we have to bear some of the weight in a cycle that is obviously damaging to our lives and taking us nowhere as we siphon away the precious time that could be spent with someone deserving in a loving, caring, supportive, loyal, faithful, edifying relationship and divine union of the soul?

Yes, on this night we will ask the TOUGH questions that need to be asked of ourselves and what role have WE have played in all of this when we have noticed that we find ourselves in the same sorry state of emotional relationship affairs time and time again like clockwork.

Attend this collective sharing of the hearts as we hope to gain some bit of traction into understand ourselves more so that we can break the cycle that many of us have lived with for too long!

And even if YOU don’t have a pattern of choosing the wrong mate into your life then this show will STILL give you a deeper perspective into a phenomenon that can possibly affect your sisters, aunts, daughters, close friends and well as anyone who may need to know that they are more empowered to make a change in their lives to break this dead end pattern more than they think!

Don’t miss the LanceScurv Show this time, because we are going to drop wisdom and insight like we’ve NEVER done before.


Showtime: Friday, June 15,  2012 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Place: The LanceScurv Show  <—-Click here to attend this program at showtime!

Call In Number: 760-259-2310 – Call in to listen or join in with your opinions on the discussion. You DO NOT need a computer to participate in the show, all you need is your phone.

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