The LanceScurv Show – Why Can’t Some Men Settle Down With Just One Woman?

This is another age old question that has baffled the scholars and self appointed psychologists the world over due to the many men who just can’t seem to keep their focus on one love interest at a time in a committed relationship.

Now let me clarify that this particular show will include ALL combinations of romantic pairings, I just worded it this way for brevity purposes as it would not have been space efficient to list every lifestyle preference under the sun!

So that being said, it is NOT just about philandering men, but anyone who can’t keep their passions for one person, this mentality isn’t relegated to one sex, but to everyone who wants to have their cake and eat it too!

But since the show title was written in this manner, I will continue to speak it this way but you know now that I am including all!

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First of all, I am going play the devil’s advocate in this show more than in any other show I’ve participated in, the reason being is that many will claim that all men are dogs and this will merely end the show within minutes if we accept this type of falsehood.

To say that all men are dogs will only relieve those people have given up on looking within themselves to try and understand why they have chosen the wrong type of man in their lives repeatedly. This statement will lift the “burden” off of their shoulders that forces them to do a gut check of what character flaw “might” exist from within that has these dog-like men coming to them time and time again. In other words, it might not always be the man who is the problem. Think about it.

But to be honest, there are many men out here in the world who are nothing but dyed in the wool womanizers who care not about the feelings of the women that they hurt as long as they have that next conquest of a potential new sex fling to bed down at all costs.

For these men, the best part of their behavior is the pursuit of the new woman, once he has conquered you in his mind by bedding you down it is all over. Haven’t you noticed how his sense of urgency to possess you has vaporized as though it had never existed before?

When dealing with these types of men you must understand that it is not merely the “pussy” that he is after but some type of relief from the emptiness he possesses inside that has him feeling very low about himself. Yes, it’s an esteem issue…….and to go even further, many women think that because this particular man that they’ve allowed into their life appeared to have the trappings of success and not a visible trace of not being confident, that he should have a healthy sense of esteem to go around to inspire a stadium full of losers!

Black Men

But this is not the case, now this doesn’t mean that the aforementioned explanation is a one size fits all answer for why that man is cheating on you or just silently moved on to his next victim because the amount of scenarios and motivations are as vast as the sand on a beach that seems to go off into the horizon forever with no measure. It’s all about that particular man and what made him to be as he is from the influential experiences that molded him in his life. Time must be taken to get to know someone and you just can’t learn about a persons character merely because you went to bed with them after a few days and shared a freakish experience that would have taken YEARS to have been completed if one had followed the old school dynamic of not having sex before marriage and taking ones sweet time to mix and meld in the process of courtship.

Or maybe it’s that some men just can’t help themselves – the women of this modern day and age know so much more about the art of seduction and are allowed more freedom to express themselves in their femininity than any other time in recorded history and the passions stirred with men because of this can be a Tsunami of lust that cannot be contained. Now this is not to say that it is the fault of the woman that has caused men to behave in such a wonton manner or that they are excused for going crazy like a kid in a candy store because you ladies are looking so damn good. But it is merely an insight on SOME of the male species who are out here on the prowl seeking their next thrill in the form of you!

His seemingly unquenchable thirst might stem from a need to gain more power and control in his life, he might have lived a life of hopelessness and never had the opportunity to feel like a man in the other areas of his life so to bed down as many women as he can is an attempt to fill a void that has nothing whatsoever to do with anything sexual, it’s just that it is the abundantly available to him as their are women out here for the picking on every social status level where even a BUM can have several women if he so desired! LOL!

It could be that a gentleman could be struggling with an addiction to porn and has a problem understanding that there IS a line between the fantasy scenarios that he floods his brain cells with on a regular basis and the reality of the total and complete woman who is so much more than a mere sex toy who has a full spectrum of needs more than the sexual and so much more to give that this type of man just cannot see. He will rate his conquest merely on the sex appeal or how uninhibited she is in the bedroom and not caring what other attributes that she might possess.

This type of man will find himself “trapped” in all types of bad relationships in his life because once he feels that he has found his ultimate sex partner and private freak, he will slowly begin to open his eyes once he has gotten used to her magic tricks and see that she is terrible with managing money or too lazy to focus on making herself a better person. This will cause this type of man to repeat the process all over again with a disastrous trail of emotional pain and drama carnage left in his path as he moves on to the next super-freak!

Some men were never made to feel as though they were loved and are merely force feeding their souls with the accepted activity of what they were taught love is but never feel fed and satisfied going through the motions of bedding down and romancing woman after woman until they take a step back from the madness in order to look within to see what it is that they are truly in need of. Because they lack the depth of knowledge to “feed” themselves properly on an emotional level, they will be trapped in this lifestyle of here today gone tomorrow and it is comparable to eating just about any old bit of junk food thinking that your nutritional needs will be met by throwing down anything.

I could go on and on with the projections of what it might be that drives a man to never settle down with one woman even though it may appear that he is on an external level, but again, the motivations are vast and this is what this show is all about – revealing the raw truth about a phenomenon that has bedazzled broken hearts since the beginning of time!

We invite you to join us in the exploration of causes as well as the situations that we all have endured whether the world knows of it or not!

Again let me add that the subject matter spoken on is NOT about just men but could be any lifestyle choice, deceit runs strong across all categories and the pain caused by it isn’t choosy when it finds a place to brazenly rest its hurtful presence.

Time: Friday, August 31, 2012 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Place: The LanceScurv Show <—–Click here at showtime to hear the entire program live on your computer or smartphone!

Call In Number: 760-259-2310 – Call in to listen or join in with your opinions on the discussion. You DO NOT need a computer to participate in the show, all you need is your phone.

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