The LanceScurv Show – Would You End A Friendship Because Someone Is Gay?

Think again before you answer the question that the title of this program asks!

Too many of us on will say one thing publicly to be politically correct but will turn around and say something completely different under their breath when no one else is around.

This program is not about whether someone thinks that one who is living an LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender) lifestyle is right or wrong, it’s about how we’ll react to the news that we’ve found out that one of our good friends are gay?

Now for the sake of simplicity and brevity, I am speaking of the entire “LGBT” community when I utilize the term “Gay” in this show topic explanation but I do know the difference.How would you feel if someone rejected you because of something that they’ve found out about you that may not have been very public or well known?
Gay Men
If a person loves you for who you are and you claim to love them as a friend, then why should it make a difference WHAT they do behind closed doors in their private sexual intimate life?If a friend rejects you because you shared your lifestyle preference to them were they really and truly a real friend all along or was it based on a superficial premise that really wasn’t about the unconditional love for another human being but on a narrow minded mentality that will limit their walk in life and the human experience on this earth?Can a rejected friendship based on an ignorant shallow issue ever be repaired to its former bond ever again?

What kind of pressure does this put on someone who feels that they must keep their lifestyle out of the public eye in the fear that their most cherished friends would just never understand that they are no different because of their revelation into their private life?

This program is for mature audiences only as we will be very graphic in our dialogue but do understand that intelligent respectful dialogue will prevail & will be strictly enforced no matter what your stance may be.

This show will be highly moderated and insults, bashing and all out ignorance and ghetto-fied buffoonery will NOT be tolerated because of our zero tolerance policy to childishness and immaturity.

This subject matter was not chosen to create confusion and hurt feelings but to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and to hold us accountable to the things that we do and say.

It is just fine to disagree, but to levy personal insults toward ANYONE on our show will only get you the BOOT with the quickness!

So with THAT being said, we welcome ALL to listen in or participate no matter WHAT your lifestyle preferences.

Time: Friday, October 12, 2012 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Place: The LanceScurv Show <—–Click here at showtime to hear the entire program live on your computer or smartphone!

Call In Number: 760-259-2310 – Call in to listen or join in with your opinions on the discussion. You DO NOT need a computer to participate in the show, all you need is your phone.

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