The LanceScurv Talk Show – Abusive Predatory Controlling Men & The Women Who Love Them!

Some people are givers and some individuals are takers.

Everyone brings a different energy into your life and many times what they bring is not what you thought it was in the first place.

Some will portray themselves as a savior to you in your time of need only to be revealed that they all along wanted only to drain you of your resources.

Many feel as though the resources that can be pilfered are the financial variety only, but many guard their hard earned funds quite well while leaving their emotional nest egg out in the open and ripe for the taking.


It’s not always about money with a spiritual vampire, it’s about your essence, your spirit, your soul. Sure, most romantic leeches will gladly help you to drain you of the digits in your bank account but it seems to me from my experience that they want so much more. It is as though they are not happy until you are totally run down, drained and good for nothing and ruined for life.

For every happily ever after Cinderella story, there are dozens of tales of horror from a dream turned into a living hell of a nightmare.

Tonight we will focus on the men who use women and the tricks they employ to get in the position to do so.

Yes, there are some women who have the same agenda, but I choose to focus on the men because their approach and tactics can entail so many different factors unlike their female counterparts. But we will subsequently focus on the Jezebels specifically on another dedicated program.

Domestic Violence

But we will share our darkest deepest tales of pain and betrayal to hopefully wisen and empower each other and the listeners who might not understand that they are on the scope of a destructive rifle of a predatory entity who came into their life to kill, steal and destroy.

Let’s come together in the trenches of life to embolden each other against the attacks on our lives during this episode of The LanceScurv Talk show!

Time: Friday, March 2,, 2012 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Place: The LanceScurv Talk Show<——-Click here to be redirected to the show page at the time of the program.

Call In Number: 760-259-2310 Call in to listen or join in with your opinions on the discussion. You DO NOT need a computer to participate in the show, all you need is your phone.

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Here is the transcript of the introduction made by LanceScurv at the beginning of this program:

It’s Friday March 2nd 2012 and I am overjoyed to have everyone here for another incredible night on the LanceScurv Talk Show.

Tonight we have a touchy topic that has blown up the LanceScurv Talk Show Group room, tonight’s program is entitled “Abusive Predatory Controlling Men & The Women Who Love Them” The opinions, viewpoints and horror stories that I’ve received all this week leading up to the show have truly been hair raising to the point where I almost felt bad about BEING a man!

No! Wait now!

Let me clarify what I mean by that! I’ve always LOVED the state and majesty of womanhood from my vantage point, because as a man I’ve always understood the love, embraced the warmth, benefited from the comfort and damn sure have a wonderful lifetime of sweet memories from the joy that a woman can bring. Get your mind out of the gutter people!

For real though, with that being said, I could never understand why some men could take the very gift from God that they have and want to physically beat them, mentally abuse them, verbally tear them down, emotionally drain them and carry on as though their woman was the worse thing in the world for them when in fact they are a gift from God.

And you do NOT take a gift that anyone has blessed you with and abuse it especially when it was given to you directly by the Father above!

Ladies, tonight I want you all to share all of the scars that you have caught behind dealing with an abusive man as I want the gentlemen who are all present and within earshot to step up to the plate and offer some support and comfort to our sisters who have been to hell and BACK!

I also have to add that I don’t think that most men have a clue as to the pain and suffering that our sisters have endured. Sure, there ARE some scheming lowdown women out here who are gold diggers and sharks and we will most definitely deal with those on another program, but I don’t feel that the majority of our women are like that even when they appear to react a little harsh from your loving advances, chances are when you see that type of attitude it means that they have been scarred up from a bad situation.

Take your time with her and get to understand how she came into that state of mind, in time you will see that she is quite a diamond whose true beauty will bedazzle you beyond measure!

This is something that many abusive men will always fail to do because THEY have their issues of insecurity that they project on a woman who only wanted to love that man.

In the beginning of the abusive relationship, things seemed to be so perfect, it was heaven on earth. The monster that you’ve come to know doesn’t even resemble that loving attentive man who stole your heart with his kind gestures.

Now you know it was all part of the game to work his way into your life, his damn near perfect illusion of a character caused you to overlook many of the things that would have usually made those red flags go up.

You were in bliss. You were in a state of euphoria. You now had the man of your dreams…….or so you thought so.

Your friends became your enemies because you didn’t want to hear what they had to say when they noticed a few things about your Prince Charming that you couldn’t accept.

You isolated and shunned the very people who were in your corner all to the delight of that soon to be revealed monster that you have allowed total access to your life.

Once he knew that he had you completely, his entire visage changed literally overnight.

He brooded and seemed distracted. Disconnected and almost angry at something.

You loved him and would do anything that he wanted so that the man who stole your heart could return but since hindsight is 20/20, you looked back and realized that this was the beginning of the end!

Coming home five minutes late because of a normal traffic delay led to accusations of you having an affair.

You were now fat and ugly…..unattractive and repulsive.

You noticed that money was disappearing and that his movements became even more secretive while his accusations of your nonexistent affairs even increased.

You knew that he was dealing with other women out there and chose to ignore it because you still held on to the foolish belief your Prince Charming coming back!

But that fateful day when he put his hands on you to the point where you saw your life flash in front of you let you know that your dealings with him were a big mistake.

Who could you run to now? Your friends were gone. Family isolated. All contacts cut off and you were just too embarrassed to try to repair the burnt bridges that you left behind.

Quite a dilemma isn’t it?

Well tonight on the LanceScurv Talk Show we will boldly speak on this never ending issue in hopes of helping someone out here who is going through it now. The call in number is 760-259-2310 and I want to hear from EVERYONE who has a story to tell.

Understand that this broadcast will be archived and played over and over world wide, so do know that YOUR input will continue on to make a difference in someones life!



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