The LanceScurv Talk Show – (After Show Thoughts) An Intimate Evening With Adult Film Star Ms. Prada Thick

Last night’s show truly gave me a feeling of accomplishment!


Feeling of accomplishment?


…….and for those who are thinking to themselves “How could Scurv have a feeling of accomplishment from a show that featured a “blinking” PORN STAR?? Has he lost his mind?”

The last time I checked I was quite sane thank you and if there is any question to my sanity I might agree with you if you’ve ever heard my singing in the shower, while many will say that I possess many talents, singing is just NOT one of them to say the least but because I continue to inflict my off key attempts at being the next R. Kelly (In the regard of singing only and unlike Mr. Kelly, I do relegate my urinating to the toilet bowl and the occasional road-side tree ONLY if you must know!)

Ms. Prada Thick

But the reason why I felt this high measure of accomplishment is because I took an individual with a difficult and challenging subject matter and broke it down in a way that extracted some wholesome almost edifying content that really had something for everyone! Not that I received any bad vibes from my regular dedicated listeners but it was those who occasionally pop in who blasted me with e-mails, text messages and scathing calls and voice mail messages from blocked (How brave!) phone numbers that let me know that to feature an adult film star was just NOT the way to go!

I want to thank all of our regular listeners for at least giving me a chance to explore a wider scope without beating me up and I can say to the world and for those who listened in that I walked that fine line and passed the test!

I didn’t want to have a circus-like atmosphere or a Jerry Springer like presentation just to boost my numbers and ratings as many thought, I simply wanted to delve into the mind and soul (I didn’t have to explore the body, the accompanying video clip displayed that QUITE well! LOL!) of someone who made the leap into a world that many of us might have wondered about and to educate and inform the masses a little more about the reason WHY one may make that choice.

While others may have expected something else and had their family sized jars of Vaseline in hand as well as other things, they quickly found out that it wasn’t that kind of show. I shared with the world what many just couldn’t comprehend in a non judgmental way that those who have made the leap into the world of adult entertainment are regular people to with goals, dreams, aspirations and feelings.

Ms. Prada Thick 2

While everyone who enters into this world is NOT a victim of child molestation or has a nasty drug habit, our general ignorance into why Ms. Prada Thick does what she does is unique unto her as with anyone of us who do the things that WE do in our personal lives.

Her sharing of her victorious battle with cervical cancer really flavored my perception of her choices and made me truly understand where she was coming from. Yes, while we wouldn’t want our daughters to take that career route at LEAST I understood where she was coming from and that’s all that anyone could ever ask for.

I merely wanted to have a open dialogue and we got to the point and so much more. I hope that this episode of the LanceScurv Talk Show spoke out to someone out there to enlighten them not in a manner to promote pornography but to be accountable for their actions and know that every decision that you make will come with some consequences. This was not a kick to Ms. Thick to whom I will applaud for sharing her time and experiences with us in a classy adult manner, but it is merely a way to say that some really good dialogue went down and she really opened up her mind to accept the great advice that was shared to her in a loving caring manner that will reverberate throughout cyber-space to all who will listen to the show afterwards.

So while we had to “go there” in speaking about the details of her individual path, in was in keeping with what we set out to accomplish overall and I feel happy that we had so much fun in doing so as it flowed effortlessly in a natural unrehearsed manner! What more could I ask for?

Again I want to thank everyone for such a dignified forum because I for one could NOT do it by myself without the wonderful quality listeners who have supported me in this from day one and for that I am truly humbled.

You all are the BEST holiday gift that a man could EVER receive and your presence in my life literally brings tears to my eyes! So while I go off into another day of dealing with a sometimes insensitive public, know that as I get cursed out like clockwork it is the love and support that you show me that keeps me boosted up strong to make it through another day on the grind!

God bless you all!

Your humble Brother,

Lance Scurv

P.s: Congratulations to Ms. Prada Thick for her upcoming graduation from college! Let us hear from you so we can give you a BIG HUG and cyber shout out party when you graduate!

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December 23, 2011 9:30 AM

I must admit that I was surprised when I first saw that you were going to do a show with an active porn star as the main guest but because of what I have learned about you through your online work I decided to forget about my judgemental pre-ideas and to give the show a shot and it truthfully I learned a lot. I'm sure that many people felt that it was inappropriate to have ms.prada on the show talking about the thing she talked about but the show was conducted in a very loving manner almost as if there was nothing wrong in her field of work but instead you focused on discovering more about the person her past experience, dreams, motivation, likes and dislikes and I think it was great. I realized that down the line a sinner is a sinner and that the really inappropriate thing was that a sinner consider himself better than another sinner because he arrogantly thinks that his sin is not as bad as another one's sin therefore he can allow himself to judge him or her. It is written in the bible that whoever hate is brother is a murderer it does not matter whether he really murdered him or not. Also I learned that in order to help anyone in the world one must be able to approach people in a loving and respectable manner and without judgemental thought on how bad a person is because of their lifestyle because none of us are saints so I'd like to say thank you mr.Scurv for that show it helped me put things into perspective and to humble myself and sorry for the long comment I just had a lot on my mind.

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