The LanceScurv Talk Show – (After Show Thoughts) Child Support: Uncomfortable Noose Or Deadbeat Deterrent?

Elena Brown

A Nurturing Response To A Certified Asshole

By Elena Brown

I’ve been told that I write very well but you have put me at a loss for words. In fact, there is only one word that I visualize when I listen to you and that word is ASSHOLE. It is no wonder why you are not married and praise sweet baby Jesus that you have not procreated with ANY woman. As faulty and stupid you make black women out to be, not one of them have been ASSHOLE enough to have your baby. Do you wanna know why?

Because you, Sir, are an asshole.

Don’t get me wrong, as a black woman, I will give any black man props where his props are due. You are quite articulate and many times you have expoused some poignant views, however, you have never failed to deteriorate your (at times) profound standing with some asshole remark or statement which comes from some deep seeded issues towards black women. Aside from associating you with that particular word, I wonder what is/was your relationship with your mother? On the show, you referred to black women as “stupid.” Well, Asshole, the only “stupid” black woman is/was the woman who raised you to be a self-loathing black man with diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain.

As intelligent as you are, you lack in two very important areas of self-development which aids strongly in a healthy accomplishment of social skills. Those areas are self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Please seek out counseling services which specialize in these areas and do it soon. Time is running past us and if you don’t begin to execute a journey towards self-awareness, you will mature into a cantankerous old man (devoid of the joys of life) because you have learned nothing but how to be an asshole.

Don’t let it be you.



Fiery Truth Lance Scurv

Sometimes The Real Problem Is In The Solution!

By LanceScurv

This episode of the LanceScurv Talk Show was definitely a roller coaster ride to say the least.

We got down on some very interesting and unique perspectives on the issue of Child Support. In actuality I learned more and was introduced to a few viewpoints that I never knew existed.

This is why it is a healthy thing to have an open mind to be able to learn to see a situation through the eyes of another who may not agree wholeheartedly with you. Even if you do not completely agree with their outlook after the dialogue at least you will understand their positioning which in fact broadens your own personal arsenal of understanding.

This creates an atmosphere of growth, but to walk through life with a narrow minded attitude actually halts you from truly absorbing the full beauty of life as it is around us every moment that we live and in every breath that we take.

While there is no perfect human being on this earth there is not one of us who cannot grow from our personal experiences and interpersonal relationships bar none. If we are truly living right or at least going in that righteous direction we should notice that life gets easier as it goes by because our “blade” of understanding has been sharpened on the hard surface of experience as we gain the know how to take command of whatever life puts in front of us in order to overcome its challenge.

So in essence we should have the presence of mind to know that there will be times when WE are the one in the crowd who my not be as polished or experienced just as well as sometimes we are the ones to be blessed with the bulk of the wisdom in a particular group and will need to look past the fact that the people in our midst may not be as polished as they will be in the years to come.

The blessings of the wisdom earned is to be executed with a long suffering sense of maturity, for we are to understand that we too stood in the threshold of ignorance in some area of expertise before someone reached out to us to show us the way because they saw in us what God placed there as far as the ability to grow and improve.

But there are those who have forgotten that THEY didn’t know everything at one time in their life and feel as though they know everything presently. One thing is for sure, if you feel that pompous in your spirit to even THINK that you know it all then you have signaled to the divine righteous side of the universe that you are not receptive to seeing a new perspective and you will slowly corrode and stagnate with what little you know because the door has been shut on any further personal improvements through shared dialogue and character renovations.through healthy fellowship.

Did I say healthy fellowship? Sure did! And that’s what I had in mind when I made the move to incorporate a talk show under the LanceScurv umbrella, you see, I’ve been blessed to have some very wonderful people in my life long before I even knew what an internet was as well as the joining up with folks who I have met via the cyber connections that have been just as sweet if we met in person. I wanted to share this magic and by having everyone call in to the show was a way in live time to get this vision accomplished.

Sure, sometimes we might get crazy and other times we will be a little more retrospective, but where ever we find ourselves in the broad spectrum emotions stoked by the human experience we strive to always be respectful of one another and this leads me to speak on the next and most obvious conflict that we had in this particular episode of the show:

Mr. Solution.

For those who think that I am bashing Mr. Solution you evidently haven’t heard his style of communication and for you to think so would be like thinking that the scrawny school kid is wrong for finally refusing to be a victim anymore and beating up the big schoolyard bully for repeatedly taking his candy!

Mr. Solution is that type of guy.

In his first appearance on our show, he came on strong with a vocabulary that would shame Star Trek’s Mr. Spock and a bold brazen delivery that would make a young drunk Mike Tyson look like a choir boy!

To be fair in the times that I have spoken to him personally away from the program he was actually a likeable person, polite, caring, intelligent with just the right sprinkling of wit, charm and humor. But OH what a metamorphosis that takes over him when he hit the cyber airwaves in the presence of his (By his standards) accursed BLACK WOMEN!

He backs up his venom laced mentality and mission with facts, facts and MORE FACTS! The Black woman is the problem for everything wrong in the world and he is going to shove this “reality” down the world’s throats by any means necessary or die trying!

…….a complete and total turnaround from the soft spoken professional gentleman to whom I’ve gotten to know briefly away from the show.

What causes him to lose it like that?

I don’t know and I don’t care. While most of you who know my personal style of communication whether it be written or the artistic visuals or a video, you know that I’ve said some outrageous things but never will I intentionally hurt someone with my communicative gifts. And while I definitely have stepped on a few toes unknowingly, I’ve apologized PUBLICLY and sought a deeper understanding as to why I did cause someone discomfort so I didn’t repeat the same mistake all over again.

This is growth. This is how a balance and rational human mind is supposed to perform. Yes, I know I can be crazy but DANG…….I ain’t THAT crazy!

Now understand that while I am just a big teddy bear for the most part doesn’t mean that I can’t be that guy that no one wants to meet in a dark alley at night in the isolated industrial red light district part of town. I can do damage just like the next guy but choose to take a more civil approach to say the least. But when you come on my show personally insulting my cherished co-hosts and guests beyond merely disagreeing with them then I am going to have to take off the kid gloves and get all up in yo’ ASS!

…….excuse me for that one people, I can get a little passionate at times. (LOL!)

But anyway, our infamous Mr. Solution continued to bear witness to these twisted facts that supported why the Black Woman was responsible for every ill in society as well as global warming, possible nuclear weapons in Iran, the AIDS epidemic and the earthquake in Haiti! This is how much HATE this man has for the Black Woman!

Lord have MERCY! Does this man get a regular paycheck from the Ku Klux Klan?

Yes, I know that there are SOME Black Sisters who may be a bit wayward in their lifestyle but does this mean EVERYONE is like this? Is every White person racist? Is every gay man promiscuous? Is every Muslim a terrorist?

There is no EVERY rule in anything!

Only the ignorant think in this manner!

So this leads me to think that this man is a fraud because how can someone spew some of the best syllables that the English language has to offer yet be so narrow minded in his scope of the human condition?

It doesn’t add up…….

It was Evie that said in a conversation with me earlier that he comes off like a man who had all the time in the world while incarcerated to read the dictionary from cover to cover but only can bedazzle you with the words to which he hasn’t really embraced the body and soul of its potency.

Anyone can read facts and anyone can spout someone else’s written work. We don’t do that on the show. We speak from our experience’s in real life! The human touch. Kneejerking it straight from the heart! This is no corny prefab presentation when we speak. This is what our listeners love when showtime begins, the blending of the eclectic personalities of a Joe Neckbone, a Mia, an Evie, a Brian (Mr. Evie) a Brother Dennis, a MadamWhipass, a Richard “The Gladiator” Johnson, a Mizante’, a Brother Damon, a Rippa, a Miriam and ALL of the other occasional callers and dedicated listeners who make up the LanceScurv cyber-family! It’s like a huge pay per view boxing match with equally matched opponents, you never know WHAT is going to happen but you know that something good WILL happen!

Mr. Solution. You have been exposed for what you are and for what we already knew you to be. A man bitter at Black woman for reasons unknown but who is hellbent on downing a Sister instead of taking the time with your so called vast wisdom to do the right thing in lifting her up to enlighten her to the next level and unlocking the beauty that I KNOW is inside of her.

Sure, there are SOME of our Sisters who are still walking in darkness that can be quite taxing on the nerves at times, but does that mean it is everyone and does that mean that we shouldn’t be a little tolerant and long suffering in order to reach that Sister and take her out of a mindset from the pain that SHE has suffered and endured?

I know that if it weren’t for the time that my Black PRAYING Mother (R.I.P.) took with me to mold me into who I am today I would probably have fallen off like so many Brothers out here and be into “God knows what!” Yes, my Daddy was a great Father who was there everyday and every step of the way but it was my Mommy who put that strong stuff in me for sure that you all love today!

So understand that while there is a Hollywood element behind every show where we want to be entertaining enough to pull in many listeners in order to garner pristine ratings, the real mission that we have on the LanceScurv Talk Show is to share information from many different perspectives because in actuality you just don’t know WHO is going through some rough times and maybe the very things that we say will inspire that faceless listener to get up and take a more positive course of action that will bring them to a better place in their world.

You all do not know the amount of e-mails, text messages and phone calls that I get that I will respect with discretion that shows the effect that we all have on countless lives!

If I’ve accomplished that then my job has been executed to the delight of my Creator.

It’s 2012 people, let’s all continue to grow together and have each others backs! I am as real as they come and if you ever need to reach out to talk to someone in a time of need, you can always call me directly on my cell anytime at 407-590-0755.

This ain’t for show, this is for real, and I hope that this reflects in the vast body of work that proves what type of spirit lurks in my heart!

Happy New Year everyone!

We got work to do!

Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,

Lance Scurvin

Evie Turner

The Solution Is In The Perception

By Evie Turner VTDL

Last night, I was under to effects of Advil PM..Oh what a wonderful drug. It doesn’t take away the pain, but it makes me tooo drowsy to care about it. So I fell asleep during the show. However, my husband continued to listen and told me afterwards that Mr. Solution was taking off the show, due to his insulting comments and blatant disrespect. Upon waking up I listened to the show and heard the indignant display of disrespect to Lance, who just wanted to inform the listeners out there how much time was left.

And I will be honest; I was ready to do a Mr. Solution rant. But I waited so I can think with a straight head and let my soul guide me instead. In doing so, I came to this conclusion.

It seems to me that Mr. Solution does in fact have a problem. But I’m going to have to disagree with those who allege his problem is with that of all African American women. His problem is with himself. It occurred to me that maybe his inner demons do in fact stem from his mother. I know, it kind of sounds like something that Freud would say. But I believe it nonetheless. Instead of being angry with him, I empathize with him. I feel bad that his perceptions of the African-American women are so negative and clouded. Why? Because, he will miss out on so much beauty and the undeniable strength of the African-American woman. He will miss out on the hard love we are capable of giving our beautiful African-American knights. The support we as women give is such a harmonious thing, which is why when scorned, we are looked upon as damaged goods, evil, psychotic, with too much attitude than one can bear to handle. As I stand before you all as an African-American woman, I know my weaknesses as well as my strength.

You see, there is no such thing as bad experiences, unless you have NOT learned from the situation. And apparently, Mr. Solution has yet to LEARN from his experiences. Once he does maybe the women bashing will end.

Try and understand his pain even though his demeanor doesn’t call for it. There is a reason he calls in weekly, and I believe it’s not just to “bash” but silently, he takes what is presented to him around in his spirit (which he may not even be aware is present) and he just may share what he has learned from us with other people. I for one will not give up hope that Mr. Solution will one day FIND the solution for his inner demons he may fight with on a day to day basis. Who knows, maybe he has been ostracized at one time or another by someone who he held dear to him and it just so happened to be an African-American woman. Now I’m not excusing the evident display of disrespect of last night but I am asking as a child of God, to forgive him and let’s hope that he can see that not all African-American women are as bad as HE may truly feel they are.

The words that are scribed were done on a purely spiritual level. I did not think consciously about what I was going to say, but closed my eyes and let my fingers work as my spirit sung what you are reading here. That’s how I know these words are not that of mine but a higher being.

I love you all FB and we all know we have a lot of work to do on ourselves but we don’t have to do it by ourselves. One Love and glorified peace to ALL!!!!

Have a wonderful New Year!!!

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