The LanceScurv Talk Show – Do Some Men Give Their Woman No Other Choice But To Cheat?

This is the flip side to the awesome show that we experienced last week and I have been inundated with requests asking that I make this happen, so for the ladies to vent their side, HERE IT IS!

Ladies, I know from experience that many of you have cheated (Please don’t ask me how! LOL! But trust me, I KNOW!), and to be honest, although the situation from the outside was that of a sexual nature it wasn’t really about the sex that got you into that position in the first place.

From what I’ve experienced from my perspective, it was more about the intangibles that the world couldn’t see but the woman in need was made to feel from the lack of fulfillment and that void that was always there.



A void that was put into place because of that man to whom she committed to who didn’t live up to his responsibilities, obligations and positioning. Not only that, but the void could have been put there from the revelation received that this man is not really supporting his woman like he should. It’s a silent transformation that a woman goes through.

Most times this change goes undetected by the male in the situation who never took the time to pick up on the blatant hints that his woman put out there for him to heed. Her frustration built up over the years as she desperately wanted him to take his place as a fully developed man for her.

And this is what I want to stress about these good women who have been left no choice but to cheat with an outside man who has all of the attributes built in and ready to go that her man at home never wanted to cultivate but could have if he tried. And this is what hurts the women and makes her receptive to the next man, the fact that he really doesn’t care enough to try to be the man that she KNOWS that he could be for her!

So while she may get that wholesome feeling from another man for a temporary escape from her voids, the pain returns after the glow of the pleasures received subside as to the sad reality that she has found herself in….and by all accounts from my personal experiences, the numbers of women who are in this predicament are at epidemic levels!

Are you as a man give your woman no other choice but to cheat?

We shall break it down once again on The LanceScurv Talk Show (<—-Click here to go directly to the show page!) on January 20, 2012 at 10 p.m. with the talk show number being 760-259-2310.

This is NOT the show to be too shy to share your feelings!

See you there! Do Some Women Give Their Man No Other Choice But To Cheat?

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