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Is it me or is it that just as soon as the overwhelming shock of losing the King Of Pop Michael Jackson and the compelling & timeless talent of Amy Winehouse just became digestible to my emotions, here we have yet another loss of immense talent in the musical icon that is Whitney Houston that seems to be now a bit too much to assimilate!

Amy Winehouse

While it is just too early to say what the cause of her death is, in actuality it really doesn’t matter at this point as it won’t bring her back.

But this unexpected episode of a severe tragedy simply makes one think of the deadly forces behind the Colgate smiles and engineered Hollywood appearances that drive a person to a lifestyle that quickly takes them out of this life.

Whitney Houston

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What is it about being a celebrity in today’s world that always almost seems to bring on tragic consequences when rising past the glass ceiling of Hollywood mediocrity?

We do know that the hectic travel schedules, the rushed meals, the medicated emotional highs as well as the pressure to perform in machine like fashion day in and day out just might have something to do with their eventual demise.

The human mind, body and spirit was not made to handle the demanding schedule, lifestyle and isolation of celebrity life. Some fall victim to these invisible imbalances faster than others while some seem to brush it off as though it were nothing.

Michael Jackson

Those I might add are definitely in the minority and I believe it is safe to say, that another Whitney Houston type of tragedy is really not to far off from the horizon and almost guaranteed to happen again.

When will we ever learn that life is too fragile and too short and we need to get back to the basics of self preservation.

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Don Cornelius

Below are the words that I spoke for the show intro:

Dear Whitney,

You don’t know me but I am just a regular guy who has followed your gift of song and expression throughout your entire career and really now you entire life. When I got the news of your passing, it was over the phone from a dear friend of mine who took the news really hard just as I did.

Once again we were thrown into a surreal world where it seems as though the impossible happens.

When I was a little boy, this thing called death was something that happened to old people and people that you didn’t know.

But as I got older I realized that we all have to go sometimes and that this life doesn’t last forever. But Whitney, why is it that I get the feeling that you had so many more years left to be with us?

Why is it that when I see your face, it tells me that the final chapter in your life hasn’t been written yet?

This is the reason why I am having such a hard time accepting what they are telling me on CNN and Headline News as well as every news channel that you can think of.

At this point, I really don’t care what the reason or cause of your death was, that fact of the matter is that you are gone and it hurts really bad. This hurt the same way that Micheal’s death hurt but for some reason the sting of it all has touched my soul in a special unique way.

Why? Well for starters, you and I share the same birth year of 1963. You see, you are not someone who was born in the 20’s or 30’s in the last century. Our worldly parallels forced your death to really hit home.

You were there with me in 1985 when you first came out to the world in a very big and spectacular fashion, every other song on the radio was yours being played and no one complained because they just couldn’t get enough of you!

Yes, you were so fine. So pretty. So refreshing. Yet you didn’t need any gimmicks to get any attention to your physical beauty because yours came from a place that was far deeper than the eyes could see. While you were so young, you had a soul about you that told us that you had been here before.

Straight out the box we knew you were a gift from the Heavens above and like that shooting star that we are blessed to occasionally catch a glimpse of in the evening sky, you were put here on this earth to be experienced but not contained.

How could we contain you Whitney? You were bigger than life not because of the adoring fans that wanted to hold you close if just for a moment, but because you were that designated songstress who was put here to define an entire generation.

You were so much bigger than an icon, you were the story of my life!

Every time period of my adult walk you had a song that captured the time.

When I met my old girlfriend Donna Jureidini back on September 25, 1985, you were there as we walked all night until the break of dawn holding hands through the streets of New York City carefree and oblivious to the stresses and strife of the adult life that was soon to appear and make us forget what being carefree was all about.

When I lost my Father back in 1990, it was your tender voice that soothed my tears as I played that old game of Ninetendo as a distraction from the heartache and loss.

When my Mother passed in 1994, you were that old friend who came by to fill the voids that could never really be filled. You couldn’t replace my Mother Whitney but you damn sure did a great job of making it easier to face another day.

When my daughters Rasheda, Nadira and Khadijah were born and I watched them come into the world from the same womb that I put them in, you were there to share my joy!

Yes, throughout the pleasure and pain in this life YOU my dear were that friend who never turned your back on me!

Never asked for anything but gave so much!

And always left me feeling blessed, recharged and strong to make it through another day.

You have been a blessing to me Whitney even though I never had the chance to tell you to that pretty face directly and I am the better man for it.

So rest in peace Whitney Houston, I want us all within the sound of my voice to thank the Lord above for giving us the gift of an angel while we try and find our way through this rough life into the pearly gates that I know she came from and is in right now!

Until next time my dear, so long……

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