The LanceScurv Talk Show – Is It Ever Okay To Hook Up With Your Best Friends Ex?

With all of the dating options available in this world, why is it that some of us refuse to go beyond the inner circle of people to graze on the grass that has been feasted on by our best friend?

Many do not have a problem with it and think nothing of it and others will get downright violent at the thought that you are now enjoying the fruits of their former mates company, this realization alone can literally drive a person crazy!


…….because even if your best friend has no issue with the pairing of you with their ex, somewhere in the back of their mind they will probably wonder if there was an attraction between the both of you when THEY were an item on a romantic level and that is not a happy thought at all!

As I’ve stated on other programs dealing with completely different subject matter, NO ONE desires to be deceived or lied to or considers any form of deception to be an ideal characteristic in a friendship or a relationship.

Dating these days has become a degraded meat market, we have friends with benefits, jump offs, side pieces and unions that we try to dress up and parade to the world as real relationships but are usually nothing more than a situation where “we are just doing each other for the moment until this expires!”

Our unions are not audited as carefully as they should in their humble beginnings and in today’s culture and overall accepted mindset, we don’t seem to care WHO we grab and jump into a physical, mental and spiritual relationship with. Granted, many of us who dive into a new union are not aware of what this new person is all about but if they were dating or married to your best friend then you MUST have a clue as to what this person is about due to your close proximity to their union when they were together.

So at what point did you say that – “Wow, I can really see myself with this person!”- or was it really something that happened to sneak up on you long after their relationship with your best friend ended?

Now, your union with your best friends ex doesn’t have to be some sinister secret plot that was always brewing behind their back in a deceptive manner, it really could be where a substantial amount of time has gone by to actually evolve and change the basic energies of the parties involved making them into something new and not what they were before in the eyes of each other.

So to that I say that situations are different, even though the title of this episode of the LanceScurv Talk Show pretty much points us in a general direction to begin our discussion, the flavor of this program will not be written in stone as I want to hear of all of the scenarios and situations that fall under the wide umbrella of this topic.

So is it in bad taste to hook up with your best friend’s ex or is it a divine pairing of two people who were really meant to be with each other with the union of the best friend merely being the necessary precursor to bringing two soul mates together into each others arms as destiny had intended in the first place?

Keep an open mind as to what your response to this question may be because after our discussion on the evening of April 27, 2012, your thoughts on it may drastically change from what they were prior to you hearing the stories and opinions of others as we once again delve into an issue that many have refused to address but will be tackled with a fine tooth comb with all who have committed to joining us for some deep thought provoking discussion on The LanceScurv Show!

Make sure to be there! It won’t cost you one thin dime! LOL!

Time: Friday, April 27, 2012 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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