The LanceScurv Talk Show – Is Monogamy A Realistic Relationship Expectation In 2012?

While we many of us may profess monogamy as the ultimate relationship standard, how many of us when we look back over the actual facts of what has transpired in our lives can say that we have truly lived up to that ideal?

How many of us have experienced the emotional and physical overlap that happens when one relationship is the process of ending while something exciting and new has undeniably already begun to set up shop in our hearts where you know that there is “no turning away from it now?”


Is this potential for the non monogamous overlap a result of having access to so many countless individuals who we may find desirable due to the technological advances of cyberspace, the ease in which we can communicate our thoughts to a potential like minded kindred spirit or merely the close proximity that we enjoy with one another in the artificial living environment called the Big Cities?

Maybe it could be the fault of these external factors just as well as it could also be a crack in our moral armors. Is it that our collective characters have eroded and we have become merely these hedonistic entities who are hellbent on receiving as much pleasure as we can handle as we abandon every relationship when the going gets rough?


Marriage or not, what happened to this thing called commitment?

And even in the case of marriages, what happened to death do you part?

Do we claim these words only to look good on the surface to the world but use those same well thought out words to split the hairs to support our cause when we merely want to dump the entire relationship that we are in because we want to sample something that appears to be better?

Many of us claim to be monogamous, but the short stay motel businesses are booming and the divorces rates are as high as they ever been!

What gives people?

Here on the LanceScurv Talk Show we are going to truly be honest with ourselves and dive into this one head first!

If you are in a relationship currently or are single and plan on being in one you do not want to miss this program and you just MIGHT want to join in on this discussion!

Knowledge and experience will SURELY be dropped…….

Time: Friday, March 30, 2012 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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