The LanceScurv Talk Show Pre-Show Rant – Ride On Baby, What Goes Around Comes Around!

Ride on baby, what goes around comes around…….

I was okay when she met me.

I had my own spot.

Paid my bills on time.

Had GREAT credit.

Could have had any woman that I wanted, huh, there wasn’t any shortage of those.

I mean, I ain’t a bad looking dude.

While I may not be Denzel Washington, I’m damn sure not the grown version of Gary Coleman or Howard Sterns’s ugly behind little buddy named Beetle Juice. I can hold my own and turn a few heads where ever I go.

But you know what, I wasn’t really into that when I met you sweetheart.I thought there was something about you that was different than the other chicks running me down.

I thought that you and I could really go places and maybe settle down with each other for good.

Forever and ever.

Lance Scurvin Face Shot

You know it would have been so easy for me to play the role like so many other guys do and break hearts and drop panties but I couldn’t do that to you. I stop hanging out with my friends and gave you everything. I made purchases that I really didn’t need to make just to show you that you were my Queen.

That car that I bought.

Just to see the look on your face when you drove it off of the lot was worth the 43,000 dollars in the hole that I put myself in for you because I loved you so much.

My boys told me I was crazy for doing that but they didn’t understand.

I wasn’t pussy whipped. I been through so many coochies back in the day. It wasn’t about your head-game. ‘Cause you really ain’t into that.

But I sacrificed my pleasure ’cause it takes more than an act to really see the person on the inside. But I found out the hard way that no matter how good you treat some women, they will still use you up and throw you away when there’s nothing left.

Why me?

What did I ever do to you except to try to love you?

Is that a crime now?

Where did all of that venom come from?

I never put my hands on you in the wrong way baby. The only way I ever touched you was to make you feel good. To make you cum real good before you fell off into that deep sleep in my arms while I told you how much I loved you. I used to love to watch you while you slept like a baby.


You never had to ask me to perform ANY freakish act in the book and the more I did for you it seemed that the love I needed in return would elude me even more.

You really hurt me sugar.

Not only that but you ran up all them credit cards that I gave to you. Even though your credit was jacked up when I met you, you told me that you were going to be responsible with them.

I found out the hard way.

Your damn hatin’ ass girlfriends were mad that you found someone to treat you so well while their poor examples of manhood beat them down, took their money, cheated on them and even had babies outside of the relationship on them and sent them to the S.T.D. clinic a few times.

They better be glad that THEY didn’t get the Ninja…….

I couldn’t believe it when I came home and everything was cleaned out. What made it worse was the fact that you didn’t pay for any of it!

Baby I never did anything like that to you yet now I find myself living in this run down rooming house in the rough side of town because now I can’t afford nothing else.

My credit is shot and all I can do is work two jobs just to barely pay my bills to NOT find myself out on the curb or at the shelter.

But you have that nice Lexus that I bought you.

I’m taking the bus.

You have that nice wardrobe from those fun shopping sprees that we went out on where I footed all of the bills.

My clothes are now tattered and out of style.

All I can think of now is of memory of how I loved you down and made you feel, do you ever think of that now?

I even made you feel more secure than your “nowhere in sight daddy” ever did but I guess that doesn’t count for anything.

It’s okay baby because what goes around comes around and I am NOT going to let you make me bitter like you are and make the next woman pay for what you did to me because I know somehow, someway I will be back on my feet and when that day comes I am going to get my revenge on you NOT by treating the next woman badly, but by loving her even MORE!

You see, my payback to you is that you are going to realize that NO MAN is EVER going to treat you as good the way I did unconditionally and when the reality of the dating game hits you out here of how it’s played, you will be to old to make a long term move and I will be no where in sight.

Until then, I have to deal with a broken heart in this cold ghetto room and try to get some sleep between the gun shots going off down the block and the drug deals going on across the hall.

The only pleasure I get is jerking off at night while crying to the memory of what we used to do and how good it used to be, but even then I don’t know what flows more when I do that.

The tears or the sperm.

And that’s real.

And while most good men that have been taken for a bad ride by a woman that’s just too screwed up in the head to know a good man when they see one would never admit to what I am telling you, it happens more than most will ever know.

Now I can see why there are so many broken men out here on the streets with no ambition, no drive to do anything anymore with their lives living day to day until the good Lord calls them home.

It’s because of women like you.

Ride on baby. Never forget that what goes around comes around.

Tonight on the LanceScurv Talk Show, we speak of the damaged Black Women who wouldn’t know a good man if they saw one.

I want us to let it all hang out…….

And to that woman who hurt me so bad years ago I know that you are out there listening, I came back bigger than ever and I’m okay, but the question that I have for you is…….

Do you ever think about me?



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