The LanceScurv Talk Show – Surviving Molestation: How We Came Back From The Brink!

It’s the traumatic happening that most would never wish on the worst enemies. It’s a life altering thing that has the capacity to cause those who have suffered this travesty to feel as though they are the walking dead as well as internalizing a shame that should have been felt by their attacker.

It causes one to be disconnected from any opportunity of intimacy as well as making one lose out on any chance of true love.

The act of being violated puts a person in a place where it is hard to relate on many levels and most do not understand the challenges of someone who has been the victim of molestation.

For a victim of molestation, the sun doesn’t shine as bright.

The outward smile is more of a grimace than an indication of the real joy that should reside in that same torture heart.

The pain of what happened often times keeps one trapped in the pain of the violation and every little seemingly unrelated innocent thing is a reminder of of that painful time when ones perceived purity was snatched.

Even the greater pain of feeling betrayed when the very people that you’ve gone to for help whether it is a trusted parent or authority figure ask you if you are sure that the violation ever happened or just flat out just don’t believe you.

We will attempt with this show to address the many overlooked factors that those who had to face the ultimate violation must go through and what those who have overcome the shackles of abuse have done successfully to move on from it.

Too many of those who have overcome abuse move about the earth with the unseen scars that the violator gave them while we internalize all of the toxicities that we do not deserve to own.

So we are calling out to all people who have something to share about this topic in the hopes that what you share will help someone who is going through what you may have conquered. Someone needs the truths of your experiences and this is the place to share it on this night on the LanceScurv Talk Show.

…….just imagine if someone was there to reach out to you or someone that you know that has gone through something so evil and what a difference that loving hand can bring.

Time: Friday, May 11, 2012 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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