The LanceScurv Talk Show (Video) – Ladies, Are You A Glorified Friction Provider?

Once again my journey into the festive bowels of Downtown Orlando didn’t disappointed at all!

On a whim Wednesday night/Thursday morning I ventured forth in my quest for the entertaining answers to the question of the week for the LanceScurv Talk Show topic.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised at how fast everyone opened up and shared their views! as a matter of fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not as hard to relate to a fellow human being once the ice is broken with an honest introduction and total explanation of the mission at hand. It truly shows that once an understanding is forged, that we all have so much in common after all even though there are so many reminders on the surface that we can focus on to show us that we are so different.

Trust me, those exterior differences are only an illusion at best.

We all want to be respected, loved, needed and cared for. Once we are willing to give those “oh so important” human needs to others first then reciprocation is just a moment or two away.

Another thing that I want to speak on that I noticed last night while walking through Downtown Orlando was that so many of us are in some type of discomfort or pain.

I just can’t tell you specifically why but that was the overall feeling that I caught behind many of the smiles (And I’m not speaking about any of those who agreed to speak to my camera!) and giggles of those who walked past and alongside with me down those crowded walkways populated by people seeking a Kodak moment to make their night worthwhile.

They funny thing is that while many came out to feel that ever elusive human touch, too many were cut off from ever receiving the very thing that they needed because their heads were bowing in prayer to that attention sapping device called a smartphone.

I couldn’t help but think to myself about how long has it been since any one of these distracted souls enjoyed a sincere gaze of intense eye contact from a decent stranger accompanied with a warm formal introduction that would charge their night with some excitement?

Put those phones down sometime people and upload your attentions to the real LIVE Facebook called socializing and real conversation! Have we forgotten how to even do this? But all in all it was a wonderful night and I surely do look forward to venturing down there once again next Wednesday night for recorded hangout that I will share right here on YouTube for all to enjoy!

Leave your comments below and do know that I read every word!

Take care! You know I love you all!

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