The LanceScurv Talk Show – Was The Legacy Of Dr King Just One Big Waste Of Time?

If Dr. Martin Luther King were to return today on his birthday in 2012, how would he feel about the state of the world after he gave his life to the struggle of human rights which began in his challenges for equal rights as an African-American individual right here in the United States?

Would he feel as though the dream has been abandoned?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What advice would he give to a world that seems to reject anything of a righteous nature that would allow his message to fall on deaf ears?

The incarceration rates, the poverty, the ignorance, the disrespect and disregard for all that is good seems to be even worse than it was before his assassination back in 1968.

Would his message remain the same?

What might he say to the leaders of the world today and what might he speak on to the all powerful media?

While some specific issues are unique for today they all come down to the same basic thing, submission to the divine laws of our Creator.

The question is, while we say Happy Birthday to Dr. King after his death, how far off of the mark of his message have we gone and would we embrace him if he were still alive?

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