The LanceScurv Talk Show – We Share Our Tales On The Joys & Euphoria Of Being In Love

Tonight is a Valentine’s Day special of The LanceScurv Talk Show where we delve into the joys of this mighty thing that we just can’t seem to live without called love!

While for the most part too many of us focus on the negative aspects of this very powerful emotion, I feel not enough time is given to the bliss that is achieved when two people walk in agreement in the matters of the heart to forge forward to live their lives together as one.

I want us to share those moments in which we ran after love with a sense of urgency and reckless abandon that made so much sense to us while we were under the intoxicating spell of passion!

Those classic late night trips to see your lover and the “Mission Impossible” obstacles that you had to endure to enjoy their presence.

Loving Couple

The risks involved when you both may have been involved with other people and the broken rules that you couldn’t ever obey  that have have enabled you to be in the arms of your loved one once again.

We will let it all hang out tonight and even share some things that we have never ever told a soul but will tonight because we are totally into jump starting this show to the utmost so feel free to speak your mind!

Time: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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The following words were the introduction to this particular show:

Happy Valentines Day to everyone and welcome to the LanceScurv Talk Show.

The topic is entitled “We Share Our Tales On The Joys & Euphoria Of Being In Love”.

If you are within the sound of my voice, you are probably not indulging in any romantic festivities at the moment and are tuned in for a show that will be upbeat, positive, humorous and reflective.

If this is what you are thinking, then you are in the right place! It’s all positive tonight because as you well know in the past, we have spoken about heartache, wrongdoing, infidelities, misunderstandings, tragedies and flat out heartbreak!

Face it, we all have been in love at one point or another, how it panned out is a different story but in the beginning it was a natural high.

When in this state of nirvana we were capable of doing just about anything! The drug like high and intoxicant of being in love with someone is the root of many a triumph and tragedy, victory and defeat.

Yet,  after we have sworn that we will never ever partake in its seductive embrace, this same feeling will creep into us once again and we will be a willing victim to that good old dreamy feeling.

You can hardly find a song that is not about a person being in love.

Without love, the entire music industry would be crippled and no matter what language you speak across the globe, what dialect in which you express yourself or what country you pledge allegiance to, the language of love is understood by all!

Young and old, white, black, Latino, Indian or Native American, gay, bi or straight, Christian, Muslim, Jew or atheist and in every category that this sweet swirl of life has created and everything in between……. no matter WHO you are, you KNOW that breathtaking yearning of being in love!

So bring your most cherished memories to the table tonight so we can all shed a tear or have a laugh at this wonderful God given feeling that truly makes the world go round! The call in number 760 259 2310 and tonight we are going to journey into the deepest parts of our hearts and share our take on what love is.

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