The LanceScurv Talk Show – What Are The Things That Can End A Lifelong Friendship?

In this life unions are formed in the most unexpected of ways, some connections are brief, shooting through your life like a shooting star, soon to be forgotten just as quickly as it appeared. Others will come into your life unannounced with no pressure to commit to anything more than for the moment yet have a presence in your life lasting longer than most romantic relationships.

These are the things that friendships are made of, those mysterious ingredients that hold the secret to the lifetime connections that are so desirable and so elusive even in most marriages.

Think about it, our friends are like the stitching that holds together your favorite outfit, no matter where you look on that garment, the stitching is there.

Most close friendships usually outlast marriages, relationships and even family connections!


Our closest friends can repeat back to us the many important milestones in our lives and reminisce on the most intimate and hidden details of that very same life good and bad!

We will sometimes share information with a close friend before we will even begin to think of doing the same thing with the one to whom we’ve committed our life to. And while it really shouldn’t be that way, it is a reality that for many people is the norm.

So knowing what we now know about the power, strength and longevity of this divine thing called friendships, it is truly a shock when we then find out that two who have been lifelong friends are friends no more.

Oftentimes the shocking news of a permanent falling out of friends will topple the strongest psyches over and above the news of an aborted marriage or intense romantic love affair.

So now that brings me to ask you all the question…….

What are the things that can end a lifelong friendship?

If these unions last longer than most marriages, stretch across across an entire lifetime from when the sweet juices of youth flow through your veins until the calling of old age aches through your joints, then what is it that could end such a glorious connection as two people who have made absolutely no commitment to each other yet possess the mutual need to escort each other through the sands of time all of a sudden cease to be?

What real or perceived dirty deed could destroy such a wonderful joining?

Could envy do it? If two people who are real friends truly want for the other what they want for themselves then the poisonous fumes of jealousy could never be inhaled to a nose that is closed to such an intrusion.

Maybe it is the fact that the two friends have grown apart because one of the parties have stagnated and refuse to grow. This happens. But it is still not a reason to stop being friends, because we all grow at different rates and evolve into many different areas of enjoyment and expertise.

Some will say that insecurity could end a friendship, maybe the sudden good fortune of marriage, a huge financial landfall or maybe the blessing of an increased status in ones life could trigger off those feelings of insecurity that will cause a person to question their lives and not want to feel bad about their own lack of increase but again, this is no reason to stop being friends with anyone.

So I do believe that the questions that I raise are valid as we seek to find the answers to a phenomenon that has been with us since the beginning of time yet continues to bedazzle us into senselessness when it does.

Lifelong Friendships – What Are The Things That Can End Them?

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