The LanceScurv Talk Show – Why Do Sista’s Get Angry When A Black Man Dates A White Woman? (Part 2)

Here it is!

We definitely went there THAT night!

I told you that we will speak on the topics that others are afraid to touch and I meant it!

While this subject matter doesn’t include the majority of Black women, there are still a HUGE faction of Black women who get absolutely angry when they see a Black man dating a White woman. Now understand that we mean the entire spectrum of unions here – Meaning the Black man not only dating the White woman but being in long term relationships with them as well as the ultimate union of marriage!

We have heard down through the years how many Sisters (Black women) feel that these White women are taking our men or how these White women only go after the Brothers who are successful as trophy women or wives and that if that ni**er was broke then she wouldn’t pay him any mind!

Or how about the statement that White women are freakier in the bedroom and do the things that Black women just won’t do?

The other very popular statement is that if Black women work so hard to diminish their own natural beauty to appear more like White women then why not just go ahead and get the real thing? Why not just go and get a woman whose hair is already naturally straight and whose skin doesn’t need any bleaching cream to remain not only lighter but straight up WHITE?

Nonetheless, no matter WHAT the reason, this program screamed of controversy and confrontation as this very touchy subject definitely got the fires burning!

So make sure to listen because this was one of the most intense LanceScurv Talk Shows to date!

There were NO STONES left unturned on this topic after everyone called in and SPOKE THEIR MIND!


The following are the “After Show Thoughts” on this episode:

Last night AND this morning was THE show of ALL shows!


Not for nothin’ but maybe I really AM getting old or somethin’ but this Radio Show thing that we do is getting to be more and more of an addiction with each passing week and now I’m getting scared about it!


No! Not scared in the stereotypical sense but scared in the same manner that I was after my very first orgasm or the very first time I tasted independence away from the loving protection of being up under my parents roof – I knew life would NEVER be the same.

It’s not about money, ’cause I ain’t makin’ none doing this. It’s not about getting attention, ’cause even though there is an element of branding and promotion I too love to sit back after things get heated and started just like that chef at the five star restaurant who finally gets a chance to catch a break after a busy night and peek in on the satisfied diners who are feverishly devouring his culinary creations as though their lives depended on it.

It’s that kind of feeling for me.

Actually, it’s the human touch that is missing so badly from the general internet experience that has me addicted because with my group of regular co-hosts it is a throw back to the times when just kickin’ it with your peeps was more satisfying as dressing up for a night on the town!

I swear I think about our upcoming Friday nights all during the week just like that adolescent teenager who is looking forward to that date where he prays beyond all measure hoping that this will be the week that he “gets lucky!”

Well, this is my little secret and I walk away after each weekly installment of The LanceScurv Show happily exhausted of all accrued weekly tensions in the same manner that one feels after a good romp in the sack.

Heck! I’m not a smoker but if I was I would have to kick back and smoke a nice one after the session that we had last night!

It was THAT good! Mindgasms? Heck YEAH!

First of all, I am not even going to spill everything that went down last night, if you want to really hear it all you know that the shows are archived and saved so that you can go back and listen to them at your own convenience so when you have the time you NEED to go and do just that! Y’all are NOT babies here and I am pushing/promoting this thing heavily so while I may be able to lead the horse to the water……..well, you know the rest! LOL!

Things jumped off from the very beginning, it was if we all were at our peak condition as track stars in position at the starting line and as soon as I came off of my weekly intro rant it was if a gun shot went off at the starting line…….BANG!

…….and they were OFF!

“Mr. D” – (I don’t know if it’s okay to say his full first name but his words and anecdotes would have brought down the house in ANY comedic venue no matter WHAT the crowd!)

Mia – (Who, as her antagonize rs have learned – she ain’t havin’ it! Try her if you want to! She will break it DOWN!),

Evie – (Always on point and came out swingin’ with some delicious nuggets of truth!), Mr. Solution – (Statistically impregnated and whose water just broke!),

Yours Truly (Who ate two meals between laughs during the entire program -secretly farting- as well as utilizing that mute button when nature called),

Brother Mark from Orlando – (Who had the funniest background laugh),

Brother Huddeen – (A much needed dignified male presence who was full of a wisdom and an eloquence that he so generously shared! Please come back my Brother, we LOVED your words and your spirit!),

The Great Joe Neckbone – (While not being able to stay for the entire show, called in and dropped us a few anecdotes that as always, had us craving more of his unique perspective and intellectual brew!) And last but NOT least,

Mr. RiPPa! He is the creator & editor-in-chief The Intersection of Madness & Reality, ( ) and he took to the discussion like a duck to water and brought so much to the table! Please – please- PLEASE go to his blog and subscribe as well as hitting the Facebook “like” button.

Would you believe that we conference called each other and continued our verbal pow wow into the wee hours and damn near daybreak? YES! This was so damn sweet!

I’m going to tell you, if you missed this, you really missed out!

I dare you to move this YouTube video slider up forward anywhere in the middle of the show and you WILL NOT be able to cut it off!

No matter WHERE you land it will grab you, sit you down and paralyze you into listening to more. And if you have to get up and really do something else your mind will be on getting that next “hit” of this show. LOL!

Join us on Friday, December 2, 2011 for Part Two of this knock down drag out super energized hang out of a program!

It gets NO BETTER! Click the link below to hear the entire show:

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