The LanceScurv Talk Show – Why Do Sisters Get Mad When A Black Man Dates A White Woman?

Here it is!

We are going there at showtime!

I told you that we will speak on the topics that others are afraid to touch and I meant it!

While this subject matter doesn’t include the majority of Black women, there are still a HUGE faction of Black women who get absolutely angry when they see a Black man dating a White woman. Now understand that we mean the entire spectrum of unions here – Meaning the Black man not only dating the White woman but being in long term relationships with them as well as the ultimate union of marriage!

We have heard down through the years how many Sisters (Black women) feel that these White women are taking our men or how these White women only go after the Brothers who are successful as trophy women or wives and that if that ni**er was broke then she wouldn’t pay him any mind!

Or how about the statement that White women are freakier in the bedroom and do the things that Black women just won’t do?

The other very popular statement is that if Black women work so hard to diminish their own natural beauty to appear more like White women then why not just go ahead and get the real thing? Why not just go and get a woman whose hair is already naturally straight and whose skin doesn’t need any bleaching cream to remain not only lighter but straight up WHITE?

Nonetheless, no matter WHAT the reason, this program screams of controversy and confrontation as this very touchy subject will definitely get the fires burning!

So make sure to tune in and participate because this promises to be one of the most intense LanceScurv Talk Shows to date!

There will be NO STONES left unturned on this topic after this one so call in and SPEAK YOUR MIND!

Show Title:  Why Do Sisters Get Mad When A Black Man Dates A White Woman?

Showtime:   Friday, November 25, 2011 at 10:00:00 PM

Call In Number: 760-259-2310 (To listen in and/or participate)

Duration: 120 Minutes

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