The LanceScurv Tuesday Morning Early Discussion Forum # 1

This LanceScurv Tuesday Morning show was created due to the massive spillover of the abundance of positive energy that we were gifted with on our previous Monday Night Open Discussion Forum.

Here on The LanceScurv cyber-network, we usually do not schedule shows so late during the week because of the work obligations of many of our listeners, but because it would have been a crime to not do so, we did and it worked out just perfect.

We started out slow but once Marcellus McMillian returned to share his vast experiences in the world of the Gospel, the energy had no other choice but to supernova out as wisdom was shared and knowledge was dropped!

So take your time and enjoy the shared viewpoints, and whether one agrees or disagrees know that if we caused you to be stimulated in a positive manner to take action in your life then we all came out with a win/win situation!

Holy Bible


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