Here is an excerpt from Robert Greene’s book “The Laws Of Human Nature” chapter 16 which is titled see the hostility behind the friendly façade, the law of aggression:

“On the surface, the people around you appear so polite and civilized. But beneath the mask, they are all inevitably dealing with frustrations. They have a need to influence people and gain power over circumstances. Feeling blocked in their endeavors, they often tried to assert themselves in manipulative ways that catch you by surprise. And then there are those whose need for power and inpatients to obtain it are greater than others. They turn particularly aggressive, getting their way by intimidating people, being relentless and willing to do almost anything. You must transform yourself into superior observer of people’s unsatisfied aggressive desires, paying extra attention to the chronic aggressors and passive aggressors in our midst.
You must recognize the signs-the past patterns of behavior, the obsessive need to control everything in their environment-that indicate the dangerous types. They depend on making you emotional-afraid, angry-and unable to think straight. Do not give them this power. When it comes to your own aggressive energy learn to tame and channel it for productive purposes-standing up for yourself, attacking problems with relentless energy, realizing great ambitions.”

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