For those of you who have lived life for several decades, you can understand when I state that this world in 2021 is a very bizarre place to experience.
When I was much younger I used to think of the year 2000 as if it was going to be some futuristic existence where everything was space-age and modern somewhat like the very popular Jetsons cartoon of the 1960’s and 70’s.

When much of the technological gadgetry that was portrayed in cartoons and in the science fiction movies came to fruition, for the most part human nature is taken many major steps back and has not kept up. So for all of the advances of those who call themselves humankind, those of us who are truly human have suffered a great disservice as those who are in charge have really showed their true colors to us as has been well documented in history. Business as usual.

I often yearn for those days when things were much simpler but I know that those days will never come back. We have this thing called a pandemic and it takes a gullible people to really absorb and believe what the satanic spin masters are putting out there over their compromise media platforms of propaganda for us to blindly fall into their depopulation agenda.

In the distant past I had more – may I say – faith in those people who were supposed to have our best interests in mind who look like me, but I guess I thought too much of them as they have been exposed as puppets t00.

It’s gotten to the point where the only person you can trust is yourself, it’s gotten to the point where the only people that you can trust are in your super tight inner circle. In 2021 dysfunction is honored and decency is looked down upon. There is definitely something in the air as far as a sinister frequency that has helped to steer our generally good human nature into something really terrible.

That is not to relieve responsibility of that thing called mainstream media that has hypnotized and brainwashed us into believing what we see on the television screen is reality. What happened to the pioneers, the freethinkers and those who sought to find solutions to the general problems in our society.

Everyone now seems to fall in line, to be submissive and just settle for their fleeting creature comforts that really amounts to someone sticking their head in the sands of denial. If you want to run the masses who have been compromised by this way of thinking away from you, speak nothing but the truth. For the truth is a repellent that those who are paper thin in their conviction for the what is honorable will quickly show their true colors and abandoned you.

As much as we have people who call themselves ‘men and women of God’, as much as we have politicians that say that they have your best interest at hand, as much as the self-proclaimed revolutionaries say that they stand for a cause, once the battle is brought to their front door these individuals – who are weak willed at best – are nowhere to be found.

So that leaves you with no other choice but to stand up for yourself, to stand up for the truth, regardless as to who is by your siding claiming the same mission.

I have found that in this life of mine that those who claim to be on the same mission of truth as you are are usually frauds who are hiding in your shadows and riding on your coattail.

So now as I say constantly more and more these days real men and real women stand alone.

I don’t have to be a member of any religious organization, I don’t have to be a member of any particular political party or in politics at all, I don’t have to be a member of any group because I know that most of the time all you will hear his talk and you will experience no effective action whatsoever. For those who claim religion, I say that I am the pastor of my life! For those who claim politics, I say to them that I am the president of my life.

And for those who claim to be in revolutionary groups that are going to change the world as they move forward to question and change legislation and age old rules in this Draconian society, I proclaim that I am a one-man movement that can never be infiltrated.

I was born alone and I will transition alone regardless as to how many people were in the delivery room when I was born I was born alone. No matter how many people will be in my midst when I transition I will transition alone. That being said and understood you must know that whatever you do you must bear the full weight of it in this life as far as accountability. So you can group up as much as you want you can go on a political campaign as much as you want, you can worship the pastor as though he’s the most famous celebrity in the world as much as you want, but it’s not doing anything for you more than what you can do and should do for yourself.

Dysfunction, deception and deceit are the rule of the day and the only way to guarantee that you don’t fall victim to that poisoned state of mind is to move solo all by yourself. The only way that you will open up to anyone else who claims to be cut from the same cloth as you, they must show you their tracks in history and that walk and still it will take time for you to synchronize your movements.

Understand that people can change, the enemy will always attempt to appeal to the lower desires of those who appear to be of revolutionary potential and status. If your Achilles’ heel happened to be cocaine in the past, then cocaine will be offered to you in abundance by the enemy. If you were one to seek out that ultimate aphrodisiac called power, then power will be offered to you by the enemy to compromise your commitment to truth.

If you have always fallen victim to the allure and charms of the beauty of a woman then guess what, the women of your particular liking will be offered to you in abundance 24/7 to get you to compromise this thing called truth. So if you back out of your walk and you know that you’re not able to sustain a consistent walk toward what is truth, then there is no shame in stepping back.

The shame would be to continue on as though you have what it takes and you’re willing to sacrifice for truth when in fact you’re an accident waiting to happen when the oppressor comes to offer you your secret vice. I am at a point right now that aside from those trusted few that I can count on on one hand, I am basically alone in this walk. I will also say that I have never missed a day in my role and what I am supposed to do overall for my those in my path to motivate and help them to understand that they are so much more than what the oppressor tries to convince them that they are.

If that is all I accomplish in his lifetime then I have accomplished much more than what was set for me to do. But even then I will continue on and seek to make myself better incrementally so that I can be used as a servant for the betterment of those in my path the world over.

So many claim this and so many fall by the wayside because their commitment wasn’t strong enough from the beginning. I say if it isn’t sincere then don’t waste our time, our people need us and they need help. Remember, it is a lonely walk when you are true revolutionary because you will oftentimes find yourself flanked by the frauds who get more adulation than you do even though that’s not what you seek. You will find that you will be flanked by those who get more press, more attention, more love, then you who are sincere in your walk while knowing that those around you a mere frauds.

But I will tell you that everything that is done in the dark will come out in the light and you need not do anything but continue to shine and grow those seeds of greatness that you have been given in abundance by your Creator for the job at hand.

That being said every day that you awaken you must know what it is that you have to do before you start your day. If you find that something happens that takes you off course it’s to bring you into a better place in your mission even if it seems as though it’s a major setback. Also understand that when you get rid of those particular negative entities and energies great things will happen and positivity will flood your life immediately. Oftentimes we support those revolutionary figures in our midst but we don’t realize that those are the very forces who harbor countless carnal energies that actually stop you from reaching your blessings.

I have found this out to be true in my life recently where I have made so much progress by those who have been newly introduced into my life that transpired in such a cosmically synchronized tailor-made fashion. This has to be divine intervention but it can only have happened once those toxic energies are cleared as my enthusiasm for life is greater than it’s ever been. I look forward to each day with a great anticipation because I know awesome things will come from the energy that flows through me that I have been so generously gifted by my Creator.

So no matter how hard your walk may seem understand that it is hard because you are the real thing because if it were an easy walk it means that you’re not truly walking in your path. While everyone else seems to be having a great time and you seem to be going through tough and rough times understand that it is simply confirmation because the good way and the true way is the hard path to take indeed.

These rough times are seasoning your character in ways that you will need when your time to shine comes because only one who has gone through the rough trials and tribulations will understand the depths of despair, pain and isolation that comes from speaking truth in a world filled with evil. I will say this, the moment that I choose the easy way, the moment that I choose the worldly way, you won’t have to worry about me perpetrating a fraud because I will step down from my personal mission and back away from it because I respect that station too much.

The thought of that pains me greatly so therefore I’m going to keep myself on the good path because I do not want to step down. I do not want anything carnal I don’t want anything
fraudulent I don’t want anything that is not true to living a successful life of truth before I transition into a greater realm.

This life is not a long life when you really think about it, but it is necessary to determine your trajectory into infinity in the afterlife. Many who think that this is all that there is must understand that we will be there in ‘the afterlife’ longer than we we’re here. We were there in that pre-life longer than we were here when we came here on the date of our birth.

So where will we be after all of this becomes our past on the next level? Where were we before we got here? Why were you crying when we came into this realm, what is it that we did not want to leave before we got here?
But we’ve gradually learned to master this level of existence and we have become quite attached to it.

But this is not all there is as there’s so much more, but in order to find ourselves in a better place on the next level we must pass the tests that are presented to us in this life.

So when we find ourselves shedding a tear if we are aware of our pending transition understand that we might enter into that next level shedding the same tears as we did when we were a baby not wanting to let go to that prior plane of existence. So this life is a journey, and part of a bigger journey so therefore we do not need to take everything here so seriously aside from what is true and standing on truth.

I have no problem with the nice things in his life but they are not my God and they don’t define the joy that I extract out of my natural existence.

That is the secret to getting through this is to attach yourself to the natural world as opposed to those who find themselves shackled into the man-made engineered world that will never bring them total peace and joy from the inside. So if you are a true revolutionary you are connected to nature and understand the importance of what nature does for you to keep yourself undefeated.

Only nature and your connectedness to nature will undergird you to conquer the oppressor and his allies because he can’t get a hold on you as there are no common desires to bring you down with.

There is so much that I will be saying and more that I can say but I will share it as those divine downloads come to me. My wisdom and elevation has recently grown at a phenomenal rate but not beyond my ability to utilize it because I know the gifts that have been given to me. But at the end of the day I am a servant for all that is truth, a servant for those that need me and that’s all I want to be known as.

That is the greatest station that has brought me the greatest joy whether my name is up in lights or no one knows who I am at all, just to fulfill my position and do it to the best of my ability is what keeps my soul in peace and happiness.

Peace, Righteous Love and Revolution Always,
Your Brother


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