Last night I had the most wonderful conversation with a young lady to whom you will get to know VERY soon in a very intimate way on our podcast.

It’s amazing that with so many of our youth who were misled, every now and again I will run into gem of an individual whose wisdom is beyond the years that they’ve been on this earth. It truly gives me such a good feeling to be able to vibe with someone equally because when you are truly blessed with an exceptional awareness it can be a very lonely walk.

We spoke on many things and one of the things that I mentioned was that people who do not possess your level of intuition often times state that you feel as though you are superior to them.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but I will say you do not have to apologize for your high vibrational intuition that is usually a rarity in most circles.

Not only is it a lonely walk when you observe things that others do not see, it is very hard to attempt to explain to others who are unaware of the higher spiritual planes what you see so you usually prefer to remain silent. And it is in that silence that we are trapped, it is in that silence where in our infancy of this awareness we sometimes tend to think that this ability to discern is really a curse.

We see others who are going about their lives feeling as though they are happy, fulfilled and vibrating to the highest. But in fact we can see beyond the façade and deceptive layers that they cover their pain and frustration with as we are not fooled to the true reality that lies below. These are the people who are upset with you after a few moments of feeling your vibration because they know that you see past the lies that they project to the world and they feel naked and bare, which is a very uncomfortable feeling to them and place to be.

These constant battles in our lives and those of us whose third eye is completely open is commonplace as we many times seek the the refuge of being by ourselves.
So when we meet someone who possesses that same powers from within of discernment, it is a joy to speak with them because now you are in a place of feeling totally free.
As my chronological years have mounted to this point, I find myself not amused at most things that are superficial in this world, I find myself with less enthusiasm to be around anyone to whom I have to explain anything to in order to bring them up to speed on my level of awareness.

It is not as though I feel I am better than anyone but could you imagine how one feels – as an example – when they have recently graduated college and they may be forced to spend their days in a daycare center with screaming toddlers who have just arrived to this planet not too long ago. It is not as though that person feels better, but their level of conversation never gets challenged and never has a chance to run at full throttle simply because they are on different levels at the present time.


Now maybe those toddlers twenty years from now might be able to hold down a meaningful conversation with that particular scholarly individual, but it just won’t happen right now. So I’m encouraging all of those who are reading this who have felt this way to never feel as though you have to apologize to anyone for the level that you find yourself on as a high vibrational empath.

I would also say that you should never feel as though you should tolerate the putdowns of those who do not understand what you possess from within and know that most people around you just might never elevate to understand you. That’s their problem.

I will say that you should make sure that when you meet someone like yourself no matter what their age, sex, nationality or race that you make it a point to stay connected to them because you will find that no matter what their lineage is that they are your true spiritual family.

Yes, we have those who are our DNA sharers, but as we live life to accrue the mind elevating experiences in this life we will quickly understand that that’s the only thing that we have in common with those who consider themselves to be our blood family. While there may be people in your biological family who can vibrate with you on a higher level it’s more often than not that you will be looked at as the odd one in the group or even the black sheep of the family. You owe no one in your biological family any explanation because of the abilities that you possess, so if they cannot understand you then let them strive to get to the level of awareness that you are on. Yes, it is a lonely existence but we cannot allow this world to taint our souls to become like them who for the most part are no more than bottom feeding maggots on a spiritual level. I made that statement in a very humble manner but it is what it is.

Now I didn’t say it that way because I feel as though we are better, it’s just that it’s not for everyone to ascend to that higher level of consciousness. Everyone will not make it there.

One thing that I have experienced firsthand in this life and would like to pass on to you, is that you are to never settle for being with someone in a committed relationship who is not on the same level that you are spiritually and emotionally.

If you are guilty of this type of misjudgment you have relegated yourself to an eventual life that would be considered a living hell. It would be better for you to remain on your own and feeling a little lonely for some occasional companionship than to give into the physical carnal cravings and societal pressures that dictate that we should be with someone as opposed to remaining by ourselves until the right person comes along.

I’ve heard the statements over and over again more so in the black community, “Girl, you’re still single and you don’t have a man yet? What are you waiting for? You’re not getting any younger!”
These are the destructive ideologies that I find to be too common in society and especially in the black community. When you are gifted to have an elevated state of consciousness you must learn to not cave in to the pressure of these types of statements and lower-level vibrations.

I have personally known many individuals as associates and even friends who just never understood where I was coming from because in their mind the degree of scholastic achievement that they proudly display on their wall tells them that they possess more knowledge and awareness than others who do not. In fact these individuals are blinded and caught up in a worldly system that has given them a false sense of security and elevation has handicapped them from being true and free thinkers.

While I have nothing against anyone who has gone to school to study an area of expertise that would help to secure them in a career that would be lucrative to them and their families, I for the most part am pleased that I don’t have those same very limiting mental shackles on my thinking. I remember in one of my earlier podcasts, that I was trying to explain to someone who possessed several degrees that while sunbathing we are actually drinking in the nutrients from the sun.

Now in the present day it is common knowledge that we are being nourished by sunlight in many seen and unseen ways, but because at that time the scientific findings were not out there as much as they are now, when I mentioned this to my friend he thought that my sanity was in question. I was not angry at him for not being able to understand something that was on a higher level than what his limited book knowledge couldn’t grasp, it was frustrating that such a simple concept that I took the time to break down to make it where anyone could understand, it was something that he just could not see. That was a great lesson to me to know that not everyone is going to understand you and not everyone is going to think that you’re not losing your mind.

I find that those who are gifted with the superior awareness on a spiritual level are usually empaths and often times more than not have a more intense creative capacity than others.
I would suggest to my spiritual family old and young to never abandon those things that bring you great joy on the creative level. Even when the world does not understand you, never slow down in your pursuit of your gifts and unique abilities because there will come a day when many of those who ridiculed you will understand who and what you are as a gift to this world.

While it may be a lonely walk know that even those who you have chosen as your mate may not understand you and cause you to feel even more isolated.  The very one who is supposed to take time to embrace you can oftentimes reject you and it can feel as though it cuts to the soul. Another uncomfortable byproduct of having a higher awareness is that your capacity to love is often more intense than any past individuals to whom you’ve been in relationships with. Because of this massive ability to love deeper than most, reciprocation on that same level of intensity seems to never exist oftentimes leaving you feeling drained, spent and emotionally exhausted.

You will often feel as though you have never ever been loved totally in your life and feel unappreciated overall.

I can only speak for myself, I had a wonderful childhood, while it wasn’t perfect I did have parents that invested their time and resources in me to let me know that they were in full support of any endeavors that I sought to partake in. So the parental love was something that I had in abundance and never was put in a position to ever have to question if it was real or not.
This is something I know and that feeling of love and support in my formative years has undergirded a supreme confidence from within that many whom never had a similar upbringing oftentimes resent me for possessing it.

But as I got older and got into relationships I quickly found out that my capacity to love was more intense than that one to whom I was in the relationship with.
But in the name of love I accepted that, early on I didn’t know what it was that always landed me in a lopsided relationship as far as the give-and-take of emotions, but for many decades in my life I settled for less.

Understand that those of us who have a higher capacity to love forget that others may not possess the same wonderful ability and that they will begin to sometimes feel smothered by your loving intentions because their rate of emotional exchange is not as high as yours. But we want to love freely and give in abundance so this is why I instruct you to take your time and get to know those who you intend to be involved with so that you don’t find yourself in the place of emotional incompatibility.

So being human as we are even with our higher abilities, we have to also understand that we are not machines or robots and that the instances that I have mentioned in this article will leave you drained, frustrated and flustered. Because of the emotional roller coaster that others can place us in when we don’t understand what we possess, we will oftentimes feel intense emotions and find ourselves shedding tears not understanding where this tsunami of emotion is coming from. It doesn’t mean that you are mentally unstable, it only means that you are being squeezed emotionally and spiritually comparable to a smaller shoe being placed over a bigger foot. In this carnal world we must be prepared to not be understood most of the time.

Imagine having a gallon container to fill up the cups around you that are only eight ounces in capacity.

The gallon container that you possess represents the love that you have, the empathy that you have, the sensitivity that you have and as you pour your love liquid into the smaller cups you will be unable to turn your gallon container upside down to stop the flow because you may not understand that the capacity of the cups can’t hold all of the love that you have from within.

So many of those who we love could never embrace the amount of caring to comprehend the intensity of the love we have inside of us for them.
That in itself is a hurtful thing because they do not know how much it hurts to not receive back from them the same level of affection that we have for them.
So that is one of the many aspects of what I will be speaking on and I truly would love to hear from you no matter where you fall on the scale of empathy because I feel that we can sooth each other’s pains and enlighten those who are unaware through constant communication and dialogue.

In my writings I want to go deep, I want to go where many fear to tread, I just don’t want to skim the surface as I want to go deep even if it means revealing the deepest darkest places of my soul.

On these pages I will be revealing many hidden secrets and levels of awareness that I’ve possessed throughout my life so that others can benefit from my experiences even if it means almost embarrassing myself.
That is my challenge to myself and it is also my challenge to you to ask of me the questions that most others are deathly afraid to entertain.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read these words and until next time I hope that you remain in the deepest of meditations to elevate yourself to a higher level of self awareness and spirituality. It’s my pleasure to do what I do and I hope you have derived something of value from my written words here on

Feel free to share this article with others if you feel that they can grasp the concepts written here.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother & Faithful Servant,

[email protected]

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