The Many Layers Of Deception

The longer I live life is the more I can see the layers of deception that exist in the systems of politics, religion, education & media. Question everything & the truth will eventually come to the surface!
The reason why most of us do not see the deceptions are because our carnal desires are used against us to KEEP our view clouded to the truth because most of us are caught up in a worldly weakness that gives the satanic powers that be a mighty grip of a stronghold on us that only the total submission to our Creator can vanish instantly!

If it reads in the Bible that the masses will be deceived what do you believe this means? When one is in battle with an enemy they first must study the movements of that enemy as well as how that enemy thinks and what motivates them in order how to break their fighting spirit. So you must agree that great knowledge of the enemies culture is of the utmost importance to understanding HOW they think because if they do not have this data, they are at a huge disadvantage.


We fall for the trap every time like train sheep, we, in actuality, ARE “sheeple!” We tell our children to be careful what they do and say on the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, yet we turn around and share every intimate detail of our lives on this same very mediums.
What gives?
Most people who have watched the movie entitled “The Matrix” will tell you what a great science fiction flick it was revealed that they missed the entire point of the movie altogether!

They wouldn’t have said it that way if they really “got it!”

Those of us who walk in the spirit couldn’t believe how blatant Hollywood was in allowing such a movie to be released basically TELLING the world how it really is below the surface layers of that deception that happens to be a very real thing.
Now from this point on most of my words might be over the heads of most but the few of you who are with me will understand loud and clear what I am saying as this is the time to increase the intensity of the information shared amongst us as the time of resistant draws near. It’s time to truly get on our posts.
Remember, most will think of you as foolish for the moves that you will be making but at this time if they have refused to see the light and heed the warnings of what is so evident and clear, let them live in darkness and let them have their illusion for the time remaining. Whether they are merely a friend or a loved one, they don’t understand that all you have done in the past to enlighten them was not an attempt to indoctrinate them into some weird way of thinking, you were merely trying to enlighten them to what has been wickedly planned  for all of us in this hijacked world that the negative forces have usurped through our ignorance.
When that time of confrontation comes, how sad it will be to hear their cries for help when at one time they had the opportunity and time to learn the truth yet shunned it for the more attractive worldly illusions of pleasure and self gratification.

The day will come soon when you will hear them plead with you to share the physical, intellectual and mental resources that you patiently took the time to accrue for this day. Sure, you will do what you can but you will not be able to save the world and save everyone as they will now understand that they must bear the consequences of their refusal to heed the word that you pleaded with them to internalize for so many years.
It will be a painful experience to be in their presence when they realize that the life they have pursued based on the various hedonistic pleasures that have dominated the helm of their entire existence has absolutely no redeemable value in the battle they are locked in for their very survival!
But all we will be able to do unless we forfeit our efforts for them is to pray and hope they find a way through. It’s not being cold hearted but it is just being real. Remember the tale of Noah’s ark? Same scenario, Heed it or feel it all up in your ass in a very bad way later.
Case closed.
Call me crazy if you wish, but the watered down brand of “all accepting tolerant” so called religion which doubles as a social club IS NOT in any way shape or form anything that honors our Creator or brings joy to his heart. It is compromised and co-opted by the very forces of satan himself! But YOU (Not “you” maybe, but those who are blinded) are not truly walking in the spirit to see this because you only believe what you can see and feel with the five senses. It’s a fact that as you mature on this level of existence, you will more and more catch regular glimpses of another level as you absorb the true righteous teachings available that have not been spliced and made in the hybrid fashion of today’s “come as you are and STAY as you are” religious doctrine.
The Jesus that has been hijacked processed pasteurized cooked homogenized and given to you in this world to worship is an impostor entity that has made you complacent and docile to challenge any of those same very forces that suck your life down away from you as you were made to be free to live under Gods law only. Okay, you can get mad all you want and let me be the first to say that I am NOT being blasphemous toward what is holy because what YOU bow down to doesn’t have an ounce of holiness in it at ALL!
Satan will not come to you in a blatant manner that is so obvious against what is truly right in the eyes of God. Nooooo! He is too smart for that! He will come to you in the righteous path and take on the attributes of all that is holy as an angel of light to deceive you into something that for a time appears to be the real thing only to slowly coerce you into submitting to a substitute order that is only a “knock off” in the manner of a fake designer Coach purse that you can purchase on any inner city urban corner where many other hustles languish.
It’s so funny because it is in those same landscapes where many preachers profit off of the ignorance of the flock. They know that you are merely the flock because you follow them blindly into death with a smile on your face as though you are doing the right thing! God HAS no damn middle man! God will send a prophet to warn and instruct the people in a divinely inspired way but you ARE NOT to worship this flawed man as though he is God under no circumstances whatsoever.

But we don’t want to really hear what’s right now do we? We only want to go to  hear a session of “feel good” lyrics thrown at us in a way to sooth us from the conviction that we SHOULD feel from all of the dirt that we are doing. This is why a Joel Osteen or any of the other fraudulent so called men of God are so popular today. They travel in the safe lane and do not tell it like it is from the fear of losing membership which would hurt their pockets. All of that smiling and grinning with the Hollywood smile is only meant to seduce you into thinking that what you are doing is right and all it is really doing is wasting your precious time.

Are we locked in spiritual warfare or is everything alright in these days? I mean, if everything is fine and dandy then the Bible is an outright lie! If the Bible says that satan is out here looking to kill and destroy everything righteous in his path then why aren’t we being trained for the battle at hand?

Where does all of this grinning come from?

This “ain’t no” time to be grinning! If you knew the cross hairs of a high powered assault rifle was aimed at your face right between your eyes would YOU be smiling a dumb ass smile like everything is alright? NO! You would be looking for cover and protection because you know that someone is out to kill you!

But these preachers are PAID OFF lovely by those wicked principalities in high places who make sure that this very same preacher to whom you feel so much respect is living so well because it is THEIR JOB to keep you barely hanging on for that big payoff one day after you are dead and gone but will NEVER help you to challenge the poverty, ignorance, exploitation, sexism, racism and laws that are imbalanced and NOT in your favor to keep those in power IN power and you in the same damn position in life an rendered USELESS for yourself.

Any preacher who steps out of his place to challenge the powers that be in this world will be put to shame by the dirty secrets that they hide and in actuality could NOT gain the position that they’ve attained UNLESS they have given the secret societies and shadow governments something to hold OVER their head when they went through the ritualistic initiations that usually involve some type of homosexual sex (Usually getting screwed in the ass somewhere in Atlanta Georgia at least once a year at a Boule’ convention!) that are part of the rites of passage to even becoming a huge powerful and influential preacher! They do NOT want you to know this!
So if a man who is under this “umbrella” of covert control challenges the hidden order, then public shame will be brought down on them to discredit them and keep them in check.

So understand that men like Bishop Eddie Long of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church are the norm in the purposely ignored undercurrent of the Black church in America.
Now many who are with the program on the lower levels have absolutely NO CLUE as to the satanic connections on the higher levels that their dedication is feeding in to. They do not understand this until it is too late. On all levels of existence many who are not even aware that they are serving satans agenda are doing a good job of it every single day and will be greatly rewarded by a system and dark order that they do not realize exists.
From the indoctrination in these schools that get our children from young to prepare them to accept all that is a transgression to God in the subsequent years of their life. It used to be when you saw a faggot walking down the street switching his ass then something “clicked” in you that said something wasn’t right with this picture. Now? You don’t even pay it no mind as we have been conditioned to accept this wayward behavior AS something normal in our daily lives and even still they press forward as though that little amount of acceptance is not enough! You damn near have to say that you not only approve of it, but prefer for the entire society to get twisted away from what the original divine plan hear on this earth was for man and woman! With all of the wonderful advances that this world has made and the various methods of teaching our youth the vast discoveries of this world you mean to tell me that we have to make sure that we teach them about one man fucking another in his asshole and getting shit all over his dick?
And this is romantic in God’s eyes?

When my Daddy and Mommy told me that it was alright to go around the back and play in the backyard they DIDN’T mean that I was to go up in another man’s dingleberry infested funky ass! I’m sorry, I can’t say it now other way!

But our preachers just won’t tell you this now would they? They would NOT have a choir after THAT sermon!

membership does have its privileges into the shadow societies but as a man who believes in the REAL Jesus Christ, I chose to only go to HIM as my source and NOT any order made by men that will refuse to bow down to Christ but will quickly get down on their knees to pledge their entire existence to a Baphomet (Google it!) who is merely a representation of the devil himself?. Am I wrong for saying this? Well I am going to say it anyway no matter WHO thinks I am crazy because deep down those who ARE down with the wicked program KNOW that I know what I’m talking about.

…….And for you who write this off as tomfoolery let me ask you this, if Christ will return in the clouds having great power and a sword dripping with blood then WHOSE blood do you think will run down the length of that mighty blade? Do you think it might be the present day system that has the masses deceived through their infiltration of the righteous path? So if there is an infestation of that path then you are WRONG to be silent and be quietly in agreement WITH that system because of your fear to make waves. You will be sliced and diced by Christ Himself because you didn’t have the balls to profess HIS true name and stand on HIS righteous principle while in the company of the heathens! And for all of you who fall down to bow to this satanic system as though it is the only way to go realize that for a time you may feel as though you have the upper hand in the overall scheme off things but will understand to late that you can ONLY enter the Kingdom of God through the grace of Jesus Christ and NO OTHER way.
The rude awakening for those who have been deceived will come when they realize that there is no secret handshake needed to get into the true everlasting Kingdom of God.

Think not? Then please tell me, what secret handshake did Jesus ever use?

I thought so.

So if YOU are the CREATED and need a secret handshake and God is the CREATOR and doesn’t need one since YOUR KNOWLEDGE is as filthy rags compared to His…….then why do I have to bow down to what YOU worship falsely?

You see, MY GOD runs everything in this universe while YOUR god got kicked out of the club with a third of its inhabitants and now they want to bring everyone down where they are, so continue to deceived to enjoy the cheap fleeting trinkets of this world because it won’t take you to where you need to go for an eternity!
I have nothing further…….
Just leave your kind words or curse outs below in the comment box. Let’s boogie.

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