To Will Smith: I am not expressing disappointment, but I am (being unbiased) simply telling you what people are still seeing. To begin with, you should have never done that. Not only you slapped a man who made a benign joke, but you slapped him on national television for the whole world to see you humiliating and emasculating another man! That was absolutely wrong! And then defiantly you said that you were “put on a path” without acknowledging what you did. You could have talked to him behind the stage and expressed your disagreement, but you chose to emasculate the man in front of the world and for his family to see this humiliation.

I say benign because what he said was neither harassment or abusive, or even assault on her womanhood. And you worsen the predicament: you went partying! I sincerely do not think you can make up for that afront. That’s why he doesn’t want to talk to you. This man will not or never talk to you (being unbiased) again. Intake that to understand what you did because you are unforgivable.

Instead of calling him in private, you posted an apology on Instagram. That is very inappropriate and arrogant. Now, you waited 4 months before you somewhat admit that your behavior was just appalling, and you keep saying it affects your image; It affects how you feel; how you are embarrassed. That is not an apology. The only thing you are remorseful of is that this affected your image; that it hurts you psychologically; that it brought hit to your family; that you’re in trauma; “that you are not trying to feel shameful of yourself;” or “that you are a piece of shit.” This is not about you. This is unacceptable. This man will not talk to you. Because this sounds as if you are blaming him for your unforgivable action. This man will not be your friend. You humiliated him.

That apology was simply inappropriate, narcissistic, and arrogant. And I am not saying this with passion but in fairness for you to understand that you humiliated this man in front of the world and his family and you are saying that you are worried about your image. This is simply abominable.

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