The Miracle That Is Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords And The Issues That Her Tragedy Has Caused Us To Face

While it was an overcast and eventually a rainy day here yesterday in Orlando Florida, to awaken and receive the news of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords miracle that she was released today from the hospital was all of the news that I needed to feel a very special type of sunshine from within my heart!

It was heartwarming to know that she is well on her way to recovery and literally snatched from the jaws of an almost certain death!

But even in extreme tragedy, I can see God’s hand moving oh so visibly in the whole scheme of things with what has transpired so swiftly in public view in the last two weeks. Getting shot in the head is NOT a good thing at all in any situation and by no means I am suggesting  that it is, but in the aftermath of this unfortunate low point in recent American history, it will most definitely have positive repercussions that will most likely and hopefully prevent any other attacks on public officials in the future because of the increased security that is sure to follow.

And that’s a good thing.

This is a given. But it’s also a shame that it took the suffering of Mrs. Giffords as well as the innocent people that were killed by that terrorist in order for our awareness to be raised as to the potential dangers of what could happen as a result of one angry twisted disillusioned mind.

But I also thought to myself as I watched her heavily secured ambulance drive her away from the hospital that a person from all of my personal inquiries, accounts and research such as Congresswoman Giffords, possessed such a pristine character in a game that usually produces almost immeasurable levels of deceit, lust for power at all costs, total control by any means necessary and a coldheartedness rarely seen in such a shark infested arena.

And God forgive me because I do NOT advocate the use of violence on ANYONE but I will admit that I secretly thought to myself that of all of the hateful, pompous, condescending political BASTARDS walking about in perfect health that would NOT have drawn this kind of mass sympathy not only from the American people but the WORLD community, why did it have to be someone as sweet as Gabrielle and not…….well, let me shut up before I say something that I can’t retract!

Why did her husband, Mark Kelly, have to also endure the pain that he did and the reality that he could have lost his wife?

Why did that nine year old girl have to lose her life? I cried when her Daddy cried too. I am a Father and understand where his heart was……..

What of the others who were shot, killed and injured? (Forgive me please for not recalling their names!)

It took this gruesome happening for the world to finally look past its meaningless divisions to see how human we all really are and it also paralyzed those who would seek to spin this in a manner to further cause the divisiveness that is all too common in this frivolous world called American politics.

American politics. A place that is like no other in the sense that you just don’t know how you are viewed when you claim allegiance to a particular political party. As vast as we are as human beings, why does it come down to merely two choices? I’ve always thought this as a youngster in my single digit ages. Why just two? Democrat or Republican? Would a restaurant make any money with just two offerings on their menu? Would your local pharmacy be enabled to aid the masses with their vast set of ailments with just two cures for sale? Can a table stand with just two legs?

I think you get the point.

When you think about it, it really shouldn’t be about two rigid parties, it should be about the human concerns and issues. And even though many would think that my way of thinking would open the floodgates for a huge mass of confusion because of the millions of individual concerns and issues that would be presented across the board.

I don’t think that there is anyone reading this that is in their right mind who doesn’t want good quality schooling for their children, affordable housing in secure peaceful progressive communities, top notch health care that is available to everyone regardless of ones tax bracket and employment that can maintain a lifestyle where the basic are covered without worry with incentives for excellent service that can bring higher financial rewards.

And for all of you who swear by the effectiveness of the American political machine let me ask you this, WHAT proportionate change has really come from the loyalty to the Democratic party or ones narrow minded allegiance to the GOP? I’m speaking as a blue collar kind of guy. I’m that guy that has to get up and go out to work everyday to make my way in this world without burdening anyone else. I wouldn’t have it any other way as my parent taught me from young that it is the right way. So do not think that I am complaining, if you know me personally, I’ve always walked tall knowing who I am as a man even when I may have only had lint in my pockets and an intense hunger for food in my belly with absolutely nothing in my refrigerator.

So what does one really get by depending on politics when it is for us as collective individuals to join together to make our world a better place for our children and loved ones? If you look at the track record, not much of anything and all of the same. Well, you always seem to get a highway or road that has finally been fixed after a few years of disrepair or maybe a temporary increase in police protection to make you feel safer walking down the streets or some small tax break. Promises whose expiration date almost always seems to arrive just after the politician who uttered those sweet nothings is secured in their new office that YOU voted them into.

How fickle we are.

People? Yes!

Sheep? We act like it!

Sheeple! That’s what we are because we blindly follow a system in which we have relinquished our own collective powers and have so easily handed it over to those who only have their best interests in mind while we endure the same old conditions while nothing really ever changes.

How many ghettos and ‘hoods have you seen disappear because of some political promise that never seems to materialize? How much has really changed over the course of our lifetime in this society as a whole? The media works along in this deception and we are made to feel what the powers that be want us to feel in order to corral us where they please. Our dollar’s value has diminished and we are working harder than ever for the same results.

Why am I saying all of this when I started out speaking about the wonderful miracle that is happening in our midst through Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords?

My point is that we have got to stop depending on these self serving government officials to do for us what we need to do for ourselves. Then Senator Barack Obama said it best when he said during his winning campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America that “We are the change that we seek!” You see, government is supposed to aid the PEOPLE in what is desired by the masses, but somewhere along the line our collective power has been usurped from us and hijacked into the deadly grip of our elected officials. So now the tail is wagging the dog.

Now with all of this political buffoonery and rhetoric going down on the nightly news it is comparable to the World Wide Wrestling Federation of the bevy of afternoon soap operas…….while most understand that it merely boils down to entertainment and posturing, there are some individuals out here in the world who WILL take it very serious!

Enter Jared Lee Lougher…….

Well if we DID have a system that could have caught Mr. Loughner’s well documented irrational, twisted and eventually destructive behavior, Mrs. Giffords wouldn’t have had to go through this nightmare. If we had a system that wasn’t so focused on our differences then maybe even a twisted mind like Mr. Loughner’s wouldn’t have had time to develop the hatred that he did toward anything government. If we as a people were not so focused on the Sarah Palin-like comments of our(?) that are only manufactured to grab attention and keep their names in the headlines then maybe we could have prevented this tragedy because our mind would be on what is really important in our world!

But it took this disgraceful blot on our record which happened on OUR watch to make us take stock of what went wrong. Some of us began to finger point and play the blame game but let me tell it to you this way as I twist President Obama’s words to suit MY purposes and I am sure that you will agree that Before we become the change that we seek, we must seek to change all that is not righteous within ourselves!

In essence, we ALL are to blame for this tragedy! ALL OF US! We claim to be a God fearing nation but all of the evidence proves otherwise! Let us get down on our knees in prayer and BEG GOD for mercy because if you think that the unfortunate happening in Tucson Arizona was so terrible then baby let me remind you that it is only the first month of the year and there is so much more to come.

It is the result of our lifestyle of transgression against the will of God and only we, with the free will given to us, that we can make a change.

In America, is it REALLY about “In God We Trust?”

Judging by our actions, evidently not.

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