The Moment You Commit

In warfare it is imperative that your enemy locate your frailties and capitalize on them by striking them hard with no mercy. And even if it may appear that there are any apparent weaknesses present in your defense, they must have great patience to lay in waiting for the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a strategic mistake or judgment on your part.

Could you imagine the steady level of pressure that you must live under when you realize that your enemy is sworn by duty to kill you, as well as having to endure through the amplified tensions as your every minute of life is on Code Red High Alert.

You watch your comrades fall one by one and you wonder if it will be your time next to be attacked. You wonder when it will end because the minute you feel as though your enemy is on the retreat, he seems to come back stronger armed with with a more potent weapon that is designed especially for you to bring you to a guaranteed defeat.

Now you are probably thinking that those men and women who serve in the military really don’t have it easy at all when they are locked in the unenviable position of combat. Yes, they do have one of the toughest tasks in the entire world but in actuality I really wasn’t referring to our men and women in uniform, I was speaking of all of us who have committed to living a life of righteousness and are in battle with the evil forces of this world.

Yes, we who may not be on the actual physical battlefield of the wars of men are STILL locked in battle with the unseen forces of the dark netherworld of hell itself! And while we mourn our fallen troops as they become casualties of war, if their souls were saved then all has not been lost from their short stay here on this twisted planet.

But those of us who feel that we have it so easy must realize that even if we do not have to live under the threat of a physical attack from our enemy that will result in a physical death, we must live under constant spiritual attacks which will damn us to an eternal suffering which in my opinion is even MORE tragic than anything one can suffer temporarily in the physical battles in the wars of men!

The moment you commit to living a clean life, the designated forces will get hard to work to bring you back into a space where you fall back into the former life of wayward activity. Have you ever noticed at times of renewed conviction that almost magically out of the clear blue sky that a an almost irresistible sinful proposition appears for your total indulgence? Why do you think this is so? In my experiences the timing was just too uncanny to have happened by chance, because this was always the case when I found myself aspiring to a higher level of existence.

The only remedy for this trap is constant prayer, the diligent execution of righteous activities that soak up any idle time that one may have which could land you down a path that you will later regret, and a conscious resistance to the temptations that are placed in your path.

You cannot abandon your quest for a clean life even if you were to slip and fall because satan loves to capture your mind and make the divine realities hoped for seem like something that is unattainable! DON’T BELIEVE THIS EVEN FOR A MOMENT! If he can stop the positive thoughts from flowing, then he has in essence defeated you before you even had a chance to move forward into your happy destiny. What many of us don’t realize is that everything that we see in the world is the product of a thought. Whether it be big or small, the thought that brought the material creation into fruition at one time were quite fragile at some point and could have been discouraged easily. But it also took a special kind of perseverance held onto in strong fashion by the possessor of that thought to endure the mistakes and failures of that dream along the way.

So when making the pledge to aggressively move toward a life that will be pleasing to God’s eyes, just brace yourself for an attack that is guaranteed to transpire immediately to thwart your efforts. If you are attempting to clean up your diet in order to improve your overall health and quality of life, then expect great culinary temptation from being invited to dinner or even a few cookouts within the next week.

If you are attempting to turn away from a gambling problem that has been for years a thorn in your side, a major negative issue in your marriage and a hindrance to your ability to budget your finances effectively then look for the conditions to cause you to struggle in the form of some free time on your hands when your wife is out of town for the weekend and the mortgage money staring you in the face while your old gambling buddy’s call for you to hang out with them!

If you have a problem staying faithful to your wife by keeping away from the women, the moment you commit to never straying again is the moment that someone constructed in a manner that is so intoxicating to your lower desires that you might find yourself saying: “Just this one last time, after this I will stop!” Then the thought of stopping your indulgences vanish as you not only roll the dice on your salvation, but you gamble with your health and relationship at home which could land you homeless in the streets because with the strong possibility of eventually getting discovered, you will lose your home, your stability and peace of mind! If you are acquainted with any of my other blogs you will understand that stray booty is a drug just as addictive as crack from which in most cases there is no rehab! So leave it ALONE!

As satan’s time runs out to rule he will intensify ALL means to bring you to your knees not in prayer but in death and defeat! We must understand that the pleasures of this world are fleeting at best and is not a fair trade off for an eternity in hell! Although on this level we cannot even begin to conceptualize the righteous pleasures of an eternity with our Creator, the one thing that is certain is that what we go crazy for down here on this earth PALES in comparison to what awaits us on that level if we can just hold on to our salvation here in this life!

So understand that when something comes your way that appeals to what you are attempting to get away from and is “to good to be true”, IT IS! It is a Trojan Horse of an attack that will have you slipping to a lower plane than you left in the first place making it even more difficult to gain a footing to climb back to your prior positioning. It is NOT worth it so hold on!

If you THINK that you have experienced major trials and tribulations in this lifetime do know  that you will put yourself in the demonic cross-hairs of a satanic weapon designed to make you lose your eternal salvation in a foolish moment of weakness………..

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