The Mysteries Of Attaining The Higher Spiritual Frequencies!

In the last 48 hours I had the strongest urge to really lay down and sleep so deep. This wasn’t the usual “I’m tired from pushing so hard” type of craving for slumber, but this to me was a need to recalibrate my soul with something not of this world but something on the level of the higher spiritual frequencies.

As introspective as I am most of the time, I’ve come to love this heavily fatigued feeling because I’ve noticed that every time I come out of that level of a soul restoring rest, I have the feeling that I somehow graduated to another level of awareness and that a whole new chapter of my life is about to transpire.

I can only wonder what’s in store for me on that new level but I know that it won’t be too long of a wait and that it’s necessary that I simply let go when I can and truly get into losing myself from the trivial events of this world and let the divine take its course with my existence because thus far this infrequent process hasn’t ever let me down yet!

It must be tough for most to wear the burdensome masks that people wear in order for them to make it through their respective realities, while I am as transparent a person that you’ll ever meet, I do have my moments of wearing my game face when out in the world dealing with the toxic entities that I do in order to escape their randomly executed aggressions unscathed.

What I’ve learned in recent years is that it takes an abundance of energy to maintain these masks which doesn’t give much of an indication of the true person underneath it. Not only that, but it also chokes the mask wearer off from receiving what good it is out in the world for them to absorb as it literally chokes the supply of good energy off from them making the mask a destructive cure for dealing with the toxicities in their midst.

I personally don’t have the time at 50 years old to go through those changes as I’ve refused to ever wear a mask again as I need to see everything good around me yet deal aggressively with the negative lurking in my world also.


But sometimes we all need a break from the interpersonal battles that we must endure as we go about our day dealing with these sometimes twisted mindsets. So even when we get caught up in the inner workings of our day then the God force over our lives will override our desire to continue by making us step back by pulling the cord on our energies to say that enough is enough. This is a good thing because your filters can get clogged and we can move about the world not even knowing it.

So here I am ready to take the plunge into a world where total escape is possible. I believe that this natural level of oblivion is where many who use drugs attempt to find when they get high. But that divine destination can never be attained by such a immoral back door destructive means. It has to be earned and is a reward for ones righteous push toward a better life and higher moral execution, and the fact of the matter is that a drug induced escape will land one in a far different destination of a very demonic kind. Certainly not the place of peace where you should go when it’s time for a spiritual tune up.

As I arrive to full consciousness out of these divine slumbers, I notice an overwhelming calm that takes over my being. I am naturally an anxious person who is always focused to attaining the next level of excellence in all that I do but I become more reassured in my demeanor and have exuded a more controlled exterior while maintaining my hard to keep up with drive.

It’s almost like that sports car that gains the little improvements to make it run faster than the previous years model. While those improvements may be slight from one model year to the next, they become more substantial when you look at them over the course of a more extended period of time.

This is how I believe our spiritual maturity gains its stride over our older selves. Sometimes the improvements are so slight that we as individuals do not detect it immediately but over the long run it can be very noticeable especially when we run across one of our old “running buddies,” you know, someone to whom we did our dirt with back in the younger days.

It is then that it is reflected back to us how different we are but in actuality the term different is used because of the one who has been at a standstill. You have evolved into a better version of yourself and left that befuddled soul behind in a world of the non progressives.

One thing I’ve learned in recent years is that you have a limited capacity to hold on” to everything that you’ve grown attached to over the years whether it is obviously bad or genuinely good. Life is to be experienced and when we get caught up in actually attempting to drag everything along with us then we focus on that one intense individual act and not the beauty of the overall play.

We have to understand that we must let go of certain people, places and things if we are to ascend into a superior reality to receive the gifts that our Creator has for us. But we still clutch the used up former realities to take up space in our hands then how can we reach out to embrace all that is new and good for our life?

We have to be free of any and all toxic strongholds in order to be fully blessed, we block our own blessings and advancements because our Creator will not give us something precious that we are not able to hold on to or even realize the full value of because of our intoxication from that old relationship, behavior or mindset.


Those are a few of the realizations that have permanently become a crucial part of my psyche and I am so looking forward to another one of my deep slumbers and spiritual meditations because it is a gift that continues to lift my life into a higher level.

I have learned as one who is known for my fanatical push toward reaching my goals in record time that thinking in this haphazard methodology is a good way to waste energy while attempting to manifest my dreams into reality.

What is for you is for you so move along in life in a surefooted fashion and enjoy every step along the way in a deliberate stress free manner, but take note that when the universe tells you to pull away from your hectic schedule to heal, ground yourself, cleanse your mind, body and soul and connect with The Source, then you MUST heed the call because it is in this divine submission where your change will come where needed.

It works for me every time and keeps me in tune with the inner voice/third eye which has NEVER let me down no matter what! Quietly sharpen the blades of the spiritual for the unseen warfare that we engage in everyday to come out on top the winner in an effortless manner each and every time!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,




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