The Non Confrontational Ministry Of Joel Osteen: Dont Worry, Have A Second Helping Of Sin! I Never Said That You Will Go To Hell!


Did anyone catch the interview with mega-church Pastor Joel Osteen and his wife yesterday on the Piers Morgan Show?

While I am well aware that his following is HUGE that will not stop me from sharing my authentic observations on the exchange between the host and the guests of the show.

Was I the only one who noticed how guarded and tense those two appeared? I mean, if you have The Good Word to share with the masses and you are on national television in front of an even bigger audience then why would you appear to be so uptight?

It was as though I was watching someone at a job interview whose falsely projected veneer of confidence was washed away after the first inquiry into their fake resume that was haphazardly doctored by a close buddy with good writing skills the night before.

Don’t let the smile fool you, there was a lot of subtle and NOT so subtle ducking and dodging going on right there for the world to see!

I just wondered if anyone ever picked up on it…….

I’m going to keep this blog straight and to the point, I believe that we can all agree here that to some degree or another that the mega church has become big business. It still strikes me as being a bit to impersonal even though there are those who would be upset to see that someone else may not be too comfortable in such a large production of a church service but then again I’m not the kind of guy who would be just as comfortable sitting on a public toilet the way I am comfortable sitting on my own at home.

Just saying.

That being said, I guess with so many people watching this man and wife of God (?) speak they may have had that same job interview tension on Mr. Morgan’s show because they appeared to not want to step on anyone’s toes and potentially discourage any future visitors/members to their church from dropping down some serious cash.

While it is my firm believe that anyone can come to God in ANY condition or degree of sinful indulgence but once they are there in His protective and loving bosom they cannot stay in that sinful indulgence.

I believe Joel Osteen and his wife truly believe in the first part of my prior paragraph but don’t have the spiritual balls to really break it down to the flock as to what they need to do to advance their spiritual growth and come on up out of sin.

How are you going to call yourself a man of God yet be afraid to call it like it is in the Bible? What kind of mess is that?

During the interview Piers Morgan was very direct in all of his questions to Joel and his wife and he played straight up dumb every time he felt as though he was being boxed into a corner from a question that might have seemed to force him into a definitive answer!

While Joel nervously skinned and grinned his way smiling through the interview in an automatic premeditated fashion, his wife gave more of an indication to the tensions that were felt as she would jump in to answer a question that may have been directed to her husband but took control in order to help him maintain his spotless image and hypnotic Hollywood style presence.

I’m not afraid to point out a false prophet when I see one!

At one point Joel Osteen was asked about what he thought about the Mormon religion and he replied by saying that he didn’t agree with but a few of the Mormon beliefs and when subsequently pressed to go a bit deeper into his reply he then said that he really didn’t know enough about the Mormon religion to be able to comment on it!

He became a confirmed B.S. to me artist after hearing that statement because when you are a so called man of God on the level that he is you MUST be knowledgable of the many religions of the WORLD! Yet you do not know anything about Mormonism but just a statement made before earlier you possibly prematurely blurted out that you don’t agree with many of the Mormon practices?

How can you disagree with something that you don’t know about?

You told on yourself Brother Joel!

…….and to make matters worse you would use your beat defense weapon to slip out of a tight corner, that cheesy-ass grin!

Be for real!

Just be straight up with the world and admit that you are in it for the money because your ministry would not be embraced by the masses as it has been if you were to really put down the Word Of God like it was meant to be!

Answer me this Mr. Osteen, when Christ returns in the clouds having great power with a sword dripping with blood do you think He is coming back with an enabling grin to inform those who have continued to transgress divine law that it’s okay to sin because He understands that it is a very tough walk to walk in the path that He set forth by dying for our sins?

Sure I will be a tough walk but what would you rather – a difficult walk for a mere lifetime or an eternity in hellfire that never ends?

You see, most of us who are dipping and dabbing in the sinful so called pleasures (I call them the pre-hell festivities) of this world do not want to be told right from wrong. We want to be made to feel through a weak ass ministry that God loves us so much that He will allow our sinning butts to also be allowed through the pearly gates of Heaven itself!

Now why wouldn’t a ministry such as this be as popular and as huge as it is with such a mission statement?

Now granted, I am quite sure there is nothing to be found in print in the actual by-laws of CEO Osteen’s ministry that would indicate such an approach to following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, but it is quite evident in his reluctance to speak out on the pertinent issues of the day that this is the case exactly.

You will never hear this man say that sinners will go to hell forever! You will never hear him address the ruling political satanic powers of this world as evil because he works along with them!

You will never hear him speak out on racism, sexism, exploitation of the darker peoples of the world.


Like the infamous M.C. Hammer use to say in his sone back in the day: “Can’t Touch This!”

Everytime Piers Morgan brought up an uncomfortable question to the Osteens the studio sound engineers might as well played two or three seconds of that song as an answer for them because they pretty much said that in their evasive replies!

But to tell the actual truth this is a bigger issue in our society that needs to be addressed immediately. Too many of our houses of worship have become a “sin as you go” feel good type of religion and refuse to uphold the LAWS put forth by our Creator that are NOT to be broken.

I actually have no problem with the meticulous “production” and righteously pleasant “experience” of our practiced religions as long as it enhances the understanding of what true spirituality is.

But when getting more butts in the seats of the church becomes more of a priority than saving souls then I will always have a problem with it because at the end of the day long after the Hollywood church experience is over it is only about your obedience to God’s law.

As I watch mega church preacher after mega church preacher vie for your precious dollars and attention via the television screen with the catchy graphics that would be the envy of any premiere rap star as well as a flashy production on the level of a Michael Jackson video I couldn’t help but think of the old church song that the modern day religious prostitutes dare not sing…….:

Give me that old time religion,

Give me that OLD TIME religion,


…….it’s good enough for me!

If that’s what will get me into Heaven then that’s what I want and need. I’ll pass on the Hollywood entrances, just get me through those pearly gates and please don’t be afraid to tell me when I am wrong or in sin!

Isn’t that what a REAL PASTOR is supposed to do?

Here is an older interview of Joel Osteen and wife on the Piers Morgan Show earlier this year, this is NOT the interview from last night that inspired me to write about him:

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April 5, 2015 3:22 PM

Hey Lance, Great Job! I saw this asshole many years ago, on national TV, making fun of his wife disrespectfully, putting her down in front of MILLIONS and I said to myself, what a fake c***sucking #@*!% – a preacher cutting down his wife to make himself “look” better, “look” smarter, almost superior to her…I have held him in disdain ever since. Good men never cut down their wives in front of others, he may be a preacher, but HE IS NEVER BEEN A GOOD MAN IN MY EYES

October 6, 2011 2:03 PM

All good points. I remember when I was starting my search for Christ, Mr. Osteen appealed to me greatly because it’s a feel good ministry. I watched him every weekend and ordered books but as I grew in the Word, Joel Osteen was not enough and I started attending Bible study at an old school church and my eyes were opened. I also believe Joel Osteen is all about the money. Why else would he require your last 3 years income tax statements as part of your membership application? I know this. I live down the street from Lakewood and been there. We have to pray for discernment before leaping in with our feelings to follow any human being. We all have faults, the Osteens are no different and I just wish he would stop sugar-coating his lies.

October 6, 2011 10:44 AM

First of all, I would advice all preachers to stop attending these secular talk shows. Theres just no point.The hosts only have one mission. And that is to discredit the Word of God and make preachers look foolish. They always come up with those trick questions. Larry King was a master at this.

I think preachers need to realise that they are not called to win popularity contests.The truth is the most unpopular thing in life. So you can't represent the truth and keep dodging toes. The same people you are trying not to offend will lose their respect for you because of your timidity. Jihadists are bold with their convictions and nobody dares challenge their beliefs openly. But everybody messes with the pastor because they know they'll get away with it.

Joel Osteen's a nice guy but so was Eli in the Bible who wouldn't confront his wayward kids. And he with his own life.

I am all for wisdom and caution but men must know where you stand on sensitive issues.

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