The Notorious Sister Needy- How Can One Be In Church Shouting Praises & Worshipping All Week & Always Be So Damn Broke?

There is an unseen spiritual thread that connects us all together in a wonderful way. ALL OF US. If one finds themselves in a space where they don’t want to absorb the goodness that our Creator has put down for us as Brothers and Sister, then that is the choice of that individual to do so.

9th Wonder – The Righteous Way To Go

People choose to see the world the way that they do most of the time. I will excuse a child or someone with a limited range of experiences because they have not the palette of experiences from which to draw from. But once a persons “mold” has hardened in their life, then they actually have absolutely no excuses for the major character flaws that they KNOW that they possess but chose to ignore as their life settled.

So a nasty attitude is something that one chooses to embrace after a time OUT and AWAY from a negative environment. I mean, it can be a bright sunny day outside with everything in this persons life can be just fine yet they cling to a crappy attitude because they have waltzed around life wearing it for so long they feel that it is their permanent dance partner!

Well never allow these types to infiltrate your peace of mind because they choose NOT to do the necessary and mandatory emotional house cleaning that will allow them entry into the goodness that flows effortlessly from the Heavens down through your lives.

It can be very hard when you have friends like this in your life. One such person that I’ve known for decades, from the seventies, and she always has an excuse for feeling down! Let me tell you, what she has is not a depression, I understand depression and this is something so completely different. She will argue you down over some stupid little insignificant issue until YOU end up feeling drained and disoriented! This is her specialty especially since she is a “know it all.” But the ironic thing with her is that she can be the most wonderful person in the world when YOU are truly down and going through something major!

Isn’t that something?

Mutual friends of ours have figured out that it actually makes her feel good to see someone else going through something because now someone else is on HER level mentally and emotionally. It’s like the first time as a child in school when you learned how two negative numbers added together became a positive number. At first it didn’t make sense to you but over time you found this out to be true!

The point of me writing about my dear friend is not to bash her or expose her, and I would never write something like this if I knew that she would ever get to read it. She refuses to go online and I believe her! LOL! But so many people fall into this category of being nice people on one side yet having a dark side that can be just as repulsive as the side that you consider nice.

It’s hard maintaining any type of friendship/relationship with this type of person. It’s like riding a bucking bronco……have you ever tried to even ride one of those artificial bucking broncos that they have at the amusement parks? Well this is what it is like with them, one minute you are up and the next minute you are down with no predictable sense of where their moods are going.

There is another type of entity along these lines that I wish to point out whose mentality simply amazes me. It’s the type of person who lives in the church attending services several times a week leaving in a trance like euphoric state praising the Lord and proclaiming how good God is and how God has brought her through so many trials and tribulations yet doesn’t have next months rent or even a ride home!

Now we all go through things and I feel it is proper to never stop praising God even when you are in the heat of the battle. I am not condemning this type of authentic spirit filled individual by a long shot! I am speaking of the person who is like this ALL OF THE TIME!

Let me share a personal recent experience/realization with this particular kind of shyster…….

As you all know at this time in my life I am employed as a bus driver here in the City of Orlando (Until this art/writing hobby possibly takes me to a higher plane of existence! LOL!) and run across thousands of people on a daily basis. Some of these cherished individuals blend in with the background and just can’t seem to stand out like some of the others for whatever reason.

Most people are just trying to make it through their own personal issues, challenges and realities. Many face their own problems single-handedly without the outside world ever knowing that they have them. They take one day at a time and usually utilize the transit time on my bus to lose themselves to the music flooding their minds from their I-pod. Others escape reading yesterdays sports section of a newspaper left on the bus from the day before. The point is that many people do NOT look to expose the painful deck that life has dealt them to others but from my vantage point in dealing with the public, it seems that I run across those that want to BROADCAST their issues from the mountain tops!

One such woman is exactly like the Christian (Now this could be ANY religion, so Christians please don’t get angry with me, it’s ME you are talking to! You should know me by now!) prototype that I described earlier. She always seems to get on my bus on my LAST trip and never seems to have a way directly home. She is dressed in some stunning fashion each and every time that I see her and never saw her wear the same thing twice. Nice dresses. Expensive shoes. Hair always done. Nails freshly painted.

But what is her problem?

She will enter the bus always at approximately 10:45 going in an opposite direction from wear I know she really wants to go and starts the small talk as soon as she enters.

We will refer to her as “Sister Needy.”

“Praise the Lord driver! Isn’t God good?”

She forces a cordial response from me even though I know the script well and know what’s coming next.

“I just came out of the revival service driver and the Pastor came from behind the pulpit right over to me to tell me that the Lord said I was to receive a huge financial blessing because I have been a faithful tither and building fund contributor and this was my way of being rewarded! Isn’t that wonderful?”

I know that I am being set up for the kill but all I can muster up is a weak “yes.”

It’s the same script every time and I hate to be as distant as I’ve become with this seemingly nice mature woman but let me share my first experience with you and you decide if I am wrong or not!

The first time Sister Needy ever approached me to talk on my bus we already had a group discussion with some other passengers that I already knew with her being a new face that I never saw before. So because that first night I ended up speaking to her with the others, when I saw her again it was natural to continue to speak with her in a friendly manner because now we were indirectly introduced.

She came on the bus with the same greeting that I described earlier, and after a while she started to tell me that she had an entire apartment full of contents,  furniture and personal items locked up in storage but didn’t have all of the money to get it out.

She gave me the most helpless look that anyone could have mustered.

It got to me…….

She also shared with me that her landlord was such an agitated evil acting person who was continually irked every time she would walk pass her apartment and hear the gospel music playing, claiming that it was too loud. Yet the younger kids a few apartments down would blast rap music all night long and no one said a mumbling word.

She gave me the most helpless look that anyone could have mustered.

It got to me.

She stood nearby me as I drove and commented on the delicious scent of take out meal that was in the possession of a passenger who just boarded my bus……..

“Dear Lordy! That food smells SO GOOD! If I may ask what is it and where did you get it from? It smells even better when a person is as hungry as I am!” She went on to say how she didn’t eat since last night and all she had was a half a hot dog, one package of Kool Aid with NO sugar and a half a slice of stale bread at her apartment. She said that as a diabetic, she is literally committing suicide by the recent eating habits that she has recently indulged in because of the financial ups and downs that she has had to endure…….

She gave me the most helpless look that anyone could have mustered.

It got to me.

Now I had to do something to help.

I told her that not only would I take her home once I got off from work in my car, but I would take her out to an all night eatery like IHOP (“The International House Of Pancakes” restaurant for those of you who live outside of the United States and didn’t know what that was!) and then swing by the WalMart  (A 24 hour supermarket) to pick up a few things to fill up her refrigerator for the next week or so until things get better.

Sister Needy jumped up and danced in the aisle of the bus as though she were hit with the Holy Spirit at a church service proclaiming “God is GOOD! God NEVER let’s me down! He sent me an Angel in the form of the bus driver and now everything will be alright! Praise him!”

Her ecstasy lasted into the night as her immediate pains would be taken care of. I thought I was doing a good thing at this particular time and felt good about it. I took her to IHOP and never knew that such a petite mature woman could haul down so much food into that little body! I felt that a shovel would be more appropriate to “down” her food as fast as she was eating it! She told me countless stories of misfortune from her life and it began to dawn on me that THIS was her mindset all of the time!

Her religious “commitment” was only a template and a base for her to work her hustle on an unsuspecting good Samaritan like myself!

I thought this to myself but still wanted to give Sister Needy the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she really WAS having a bad week or month…maybe she was a little lonely with those problems and didn’t have anyone to talk to. Well, I still managed to keep an open mind even though my doubts were increasing by the minute.

Well after tipping the waitress and requesting a doggy bag for that THIRD order of food that I believe she KNEW she couldn’t finish, we swung by the supermarket and I filled a wagon with groceries that should last her a good long while (Well maybe not after watching her clean out IHOP!). Afterward I packed my trunk full with her groceries and off we went to her place.

Again, all the while Sister Needy spoke of how good God was and within moments resurfaced a tear jerking sob story that would insure that those “divine” blessings would come rolling down from the Heavens in overwhelming abundance! The hustle would continue. The prostitution of God’s Holy Order would remain intact! This woman kept on with her attempted manipulation of my kind heart but I began to see right through the game that she played on me and probably so many others so well! Even before I reached her home to drop off those groceries I just wrote off my losses at that point.

As I drove my car I gazed into the rear view mirror and  gave MYSELF the most helpless look that anyone could have mustered.

She got me good.

Never again.

Now I am thinking about the very first paragraph that I wrote in this blog:

“There is an unseen spiritual thread that connects us all together in a wonderful way. ALL OF US. If one finds themselves in a space where they don’t want to absorb the goodness that our Creator has put down for us as Brothers and Sister, then that is the choice of that individual to do so.”

The problem is, some WANT to absorb the goodness that our God has put down for us as Brothers and Sister, but some want to take advantage of your good heart whether it be to use you for material goods like the Holy Roller Church Lady Sister Needy who always has an issue of need in her life or my long time friend who only allows her goodness to shine when you are down.

Whatever the circumstances or personality type in your midst, understand that Gods love is UNCONDITIONAL and if we are to emulate HIS love then we have to remove these conditions that we place in our relationships with one another no matter what the proximity to each other.

The Notorious Sister Needy only comes around when she can manipulate something out of you. Now that I have excuses to counter her so called “needs”, she gets the picture and I only see her in passing and when I DO get her on the bus, she speaks in a kind tone as she keeps it moving. But oftentimes you can hear her sitting down amongst the other passengers on the bus telling them how good God is before also stating how she hasn’t eaten all day because her money is tight and the rent is due in three days.

My lifelong friend never calls me unless she “heard” that I may have been involved in some type of stressful situation. Upon hearing that my life is just fine with absolutely NO complaints, the conversation rarely lasts anymore than another five minutes before she has an unexpected “call” come through that she must answer.

Yeah right.

Maybe there wasn’t enough of a negative energy buffet to feast on…….

The question that I must now ask you is…….how many people are sucking from you in strange ways?

Think about it.

It might be a whole lot more entities draining you down than you think!

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April 30, 2011 10:56 AM

WOW you know not to say nothing bad about the man of God. I am skeptical of people who only prophecy financial blessings #! or only good things. As far as she go she need to be ashamed of herself trying to get things out of people what I call a church Prostitute and sometimes a church Pimp.

I go through things in life but God owes me nothing but he tells us he will bless us not because we so faithful as she says but because he loves us thats why even when we mess up at times you will see him blessing us.

She is right about God being good the fact he havent snatched her breath playing like that shows us that. Blessings come in sooo many ways it could be your health or a healing, it can be financial or just things we desire, It could be a trial came to kill you but God said not so everyday we take that first breath is a blessing. I dont deserve half the things I got but God did it anyways. You dont have to tell people what the man of God spoke to you because if God said it surely it will come to pass and speak for itself.

Maybe her not having much money is God way of telling her she living above her means in the first place.

HMMM did I just say all that Yes I did.

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