THE NYC BLACKOUT OF 1977: The Perfect Setup For Martial Law & FEMA Camps If It Happened Today!

The New York City Blackout in 1977 was something that if personally experienced would leave an indelible mark on one’s psyche and be remembered as an incredible time period because of all of the incidents and conditions around it. The heatwave. The economic strife of an entire city. Frustration. Epidemic unemployment. Crime. A serial killer on the loose. Just an overall sorry state of affairs that the beloved city of my birth found itself in!

Mrs. Scurv and I go in deep into a discussion that tied in the Blackout of 1977 and the conditions that we face in the United States today as we basically stated that if we as a country acted out in a similar manner as the New York City looters, Martial Law would definitely be the order of the day and the FEMA Death Camps would be open and available for immediate occupancy in no time!

So what is stopping the government from engineering a false catastrophe such as a country wide power outage KNOWING how Americans would act after a day or two so that they can move in on us like they really and truly want to? Are we prepared or are we moving about the earth feeling as though everything is going to be just fine?

It’s amazing to me how too many of us are walking around in a pre September 11, 2001 state of mind as though something of that magnitude or even larger can happen once again! It is my believe that we all will be placed in a deadly scenario that will pit us all against each other making it easy for the powers that be to sit back to pick up the pieces! Population Control at its BEST!

THE NYC BLACKOUT OF 1977: The Perfect Setup For Martial Law & FEMA Camps If It Happened Today!

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